John Legend's wife opens up about her miscarriage, says it helped her quit drinking

John Legend's wife opens up about her miscarriage, says it helped her quit drinking

- Chrissy Teigen shared how life has changed since she lost her son in November last year

- The 35-year-old cookbook author posted pictures of herself in hospital after the miscarriage that saw fans criticise her for sharing personal information

- However, while appearing on talk show, she shared how that loss has helped her quit drinking and get into therapy

-Her fans encouraged her for speaking up with others also sharing their pregnancy loss journey

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Cook book author Chrissy Teigen has opened up about losing her third child in November 2020 due to a miscarriage.

Chrissy Tigen opens up about her miscarriage, says it helped her quit drinking
Chrissy Tigen shared how her life has change since she lost her third child in miscarriage. Photo credit: Chrissy Tigen/Instagram.
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The mother of two who is also married to RnB star John Legend revealed how life has been since she lost her third baby, Jack.

While appearing on Ellen DeGeneres talk show on Monday February 8, the 35-year-old shared the lessons she learnt from the traumatic experience. She said:

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‘’Even looking at the pictures now it seems like so long ago and even thinking back to it now, I am still in therapy about it and I am still coming to terms with it in a way.
Being Thai and raised in a house that was really open about loss, I think it was very helpful. Because I see it can be a beautiful thing and it was a really a transformative thing.
In a way it really saved me because I do not think I would have ever discovered therapy and then sobriety and then this path of kind of just really feeling good about myself.’’

Teigen posted a picture of herself in a hospital bed after losing her child. The post attracted a lot of criticism from people who considered it too sensitive while others supported her and thanked her for speaking about an issue that most women hardly talk about.

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As soon as she appeared on the talk show, her fans showered her with love and encouragement with some applauding her for her new journey in sobriety.

Here are some comments from the talk show:

@Carlyde813 said:

’Normalize talking about miscarriage. It happens so often but we do not talk about it so we feel so alone. All the love in the world to Chrissy and the women who have felt that pain.’’

@Christine_mosq commented:

‘’I like that she found a way to see the beauty in the worst of times, there is always something bigger.’’

@kluttion shared her personal experience. She said:

‘’I remember when I lost my first son and I posted about my grief and pictures. People dogged me. I mean talked about me like I was nothing. I was hurting and reaching out for help. So I hope with Chrissy sharing it normalizes it.’’

@juliennejohnson87 said:

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‘’So proud of her, we need to end the miscarriage stigma.’’

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Having been blocked by President Trump throughout his time in office, Teigen simply asked the new president if he would follow her from the @POTUS account.

She casually tweeted the request and is now the only profile the presidential account follows that does not belong to a political figure.


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