You're my grandma's favourite: 'Cheating man' uses 'family card' to get his girl back

You're my grandma's favourite: 'Cheating man' uses 'family card' to get his girl back

- A young lady recently headed to Twitter to share a screenshot from a chain of text messages her ex sent to her after he cheated

- In the text, the man uses a bizarre excuse as a reason why the woman should forgive him for cheating on her

- The internet could not believe his audacity and were soon sharing many thoughts about him in the comment section

People have been known to employ whatever tactics they can to get back with someone after they messed up. One young man has seemingly taken it too far after he cheated on his girlfriend and tried looking for a way to win her forgiveness.

In a post that was shared by a Twitter user with the handle @leckssss, she shared screenshots of the texts her unfaithful boyfriend sent. In the texts, the man claims that his grandma had died and would have wanted her to forgive him for cheating because she was her "favourite."

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"There is no way,"@leckssss captioned the post.

The internet could not deal with the young man's audacity while some sided with him and wasted no time expressing themselves in the comment section of the post. Read a few of their comments below:

Mst_cooper said:

"Hey put the cheating aside dear, please this king needs you right now."

@adet0la said:

"He's in a very emotional state, consider him."

@minsenpi said:

"Boundaries. People who got hurt DON'T OWE ANYONE their time nor the right to return to their lives. Do stupid sh*t, suffer the consequences. Using someone's death or any other reason to guilt others is just MANIPULATION."
Cheating Aside: Man Uses Bizarre Tactics to Try and Get His Girl Back
A young man tried to get his girl back by using a crazy tactic. Images: @richard4fake/@leckssss
Source: UGC

In other relationship news, a Ghanaian husband who has been married to his wife for a whole six years has narrated the heartbreaking story of how his wife lied to him about her true worth.

Narrating the story to, the gentleman indicated that for years, his wife told him she was earning R2.5k and due to that, she depended on him for her every need.

Along the line she got a promotion but disclosed to the husband that only a small amount was added to her salary, but it was a lot more. However, on one fateful night, the deceitful wife used her husband's laptop to log into her email and forgot to sign out before he took over.


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