Who is Lesly Brown? The untold story of Pat Sajak's wife

Who is Lesly Brown? The untold story of Pat Sajak's wife

Lesly Brown is a professional photographer, actress, law practitioner and a former model who came into the spotlight when she started dating and got married to Pat Sajak. Pat Sajak is a well-known face since he hosts Wheels of Fortune. The two have been married for over three decades and have managed to maintain a private life.

Lesly Brown and Pat Sajak
Lesly Brown and Pat Sajak during Columbia Pictures and Revolution Studios Present the Premiere of "Perfect Stranger" at Ziegfeld Theater in New York City, United States. Photo: E. Charbonneau
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Lesly Brown, Pat Sajak's wife, is arguably a secretive lady. As a result, there have been many speculations about her life. Besides her marriage to Sajak, the majority of her fans would love to know more about her, especially what she is up to nowadays.

Who is Lesly Brown?

Lesly was born on February 18th 1965, to Michael and Maria, her parents. Michael Brown and Lesly Brown lived in Maryland for all of her childhood together with her mom and her two sisters Wendy and Kelly. After graduating high school, Lesly joined the University of Maryland to pursue a bachelor’s degree in television production. She graduated from the university in 1986.

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Most fans want to know about Lesly Brown Sajak's ethnicity. Lesly is an American national and Caucasian ethnicity. Maria brown and Lesly brown are mother and daughter, and because of this, most people assume that she must be partly Latina. She is not.


After completing her degree, Lesly decided to try out modelling, which she excelled at. She even won a pageant and was crowned Miss Georgetown. After appearing in a Playboy Pictorial called Women of Washington in 1988, Lesly decided to leave the modelling world as it did not fulfil her.

After she quit modelling, she decided to try her hand as a professional law practitioner, which she was also good at before ultimately changing her career again after her wedding. Being a law practitioner is a demanding job which made it difficult for her to be present at home.

It seems that Lesly, indeed, found her niche behind the camera. She has been a photographer for over two decades and is now a professional photographer in Leslie Brown Visible Style. Her work, as a photographer, also allowed her to juggle her career and her duties as a mother, which is a tricky balance to achieve.

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Lesly has also had several appearances on her husband’ show, Wheel of Fortune. In one episode, she stood in for Vanna White, who is her husband’s co-host. Lesly Brown and Vanna White are the two women who are mostly photographed with Pat Sajak, which has led to a lot of confusion about who he is married to.

How did Lesly Brown and Pat Sajak meet?

Lesly Brown and Pat Sajak
Pat Sajak and Lesly Brown attend the 44th Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards - Arrivals at Pasadena Civic Auditorium on April 28, 2017 in Pasadena, California. Photo: Jerritt Clark
Source: Getty Images

In 1988, a mutual friend invited Pat and Lesly to a restaurant opening in California. They met at the party when Brown was 23 and Sajak was 42, nineteen years older. However, unlike what most people expect, it was not love at first sight for the couple.

After their initial meeting, they kept in touch until they eventually fell in love and started a long-distance relationship. Before they started dating, Lesly appeared on The dating Game and won a trip to Mexico with a fellow contestant. This made Pat jealous and that was when he realized that his feelings for her were more than platonic.

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Is Pat Sajak married? After dating for one year, they tied the knot on December 31st 1989, in a beautiful ceremony with only close family and friends in attendance.

Who are her children?

After they tied the knot, the couple did not waste any time before welcoming their first child. Patrick Michael James Sajak was born on September 22nd 1990. On the other hand, Maggie Marie Sajak was welcomed to the world on January 5th 1995, five years after her brother. Pat Sajak kids have taken very different approaches to life, both of which make their parents equally proud.

Maggie is a country music artist, which is no surprise since music seems to run in the family’s blood. She started playing the guitar at the age of twelve, and it was clear to everyone that she was going places with her music. She released her first song in 2011 and has released three singles in the past ten years.

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Patrick has taken an even more private approach to life than that of his mother. He never appears on camera with the rest of his family and is not active on social media sites. Due to this, information about what he does these days is scarce.

Lesly Brown is the wife of the Wheel of Fortune host, Pat Sajak. She has been a lot of things during her life, a model, a law practitioner and a professional photographer. The couple has led a very private married life, which has led to lots of speculation from fans.

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