Beach Proposal Goes Hilariously Wrong, SA Applauds Photographer's Commitment

Beach Proposal Goes Hilariously Wrong, SA Applauds Photographer's Commitment

- A clumsy photographer has gone viral on social media after tripping several times during one couple's proposal shoot

- The hilarious moment has been watched more than 2k times on social media already

- Mzansi shared their reactions to the side-splitting clip

One local couple's beach proposal has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. The hilarious clip had Mzansi in tears after one clumsy photographer just kept falling in the beach sand.

In the clip, a happy couple walk down to the shore with their diligent photographer not far behind. It's clearly a very windy day as everyone's hair blows wildly with the grey sky behind.

Beach Proposal Goes Hilariously Wrong, SA Applauds Photographers Commitment
This happy couple was photobombed by one clumsy photographer. Images: @danielmarven/Twitter
Source: UGC

The groom-to-be takes his bride by the hand and pops the big question but not before our uncoordinated camera-woman falls down face-first in the sand. She falls several times before the clip ends, all while the happy couple tries hilariously hard to ignore her.

The clip definitely had Mzansi reeling. Check out some of their hilarious comments below:

Euchracia Lebogang:

"I just love the fact that she never stopped taking the video. That's the quality of being loyal."

Andile KaMajola:

"The devil is a liar, I'll keep on filming."

Tsatsi Kheswa:

"The level of commitment from the camerawoman is commendable though - respect!"

Reliance Marema:

"Okay, I haven’t finished watching the clip but I’m laughing. I have this feeling that something funny is about to happen."

Swazi Vilakazi:

"This is hilarious omg, I like the fact that she held on to the phone but not sure what was captured, they will laugh at this moment for the rest of their lives."

Meanwhile, previously reported that a viral video currently circulating online has Mzansi asking whether public proposals really are the way to go.

@IAm_Ntsiki took to Twitter to share the gut-wrenching clip that had onlookers feeling very sorry for the rejected man. In the video, it's clear the man has put a lot of effort into planning the big day.

A hopeful crowd and expectant onlookers gather round as the man makes his move, slowly getting on one knee and popping out the ring. His lover, however, is quick to dismiss the proposal and runs away.

Left alone, the inconsolable man is comforted by a long line of empathetic bystanders.

@IAm_Ntsiki captioned the post:

"Gents would you propose in public like this? Ladies would you accept this kind of proposal or do you prefer it being done in private?"

Mzansi did not hesitate to share their thoughts on the clip and had mixed reactions to the question asked. Check out some of their comments below:


"The way that people just started going to him really got me."


"This is heartbreaking"


"When total strangers went to console him, touching."


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