Friends prank internet with bizarre relationship story, fool many

Friends prank internet with bizarre relationship story, fool many

- Two friends played a prank on the internet and thousands of people fell for it

- The duo, who look very much alike, claimed they were a couple who had been dating for ten months before discovering they are biological siblings

- In a Facebook post, the lady, Toya Williford, told people that she and her fake bae went for a DNA test and discovered they are brother and sister

- Williford then said they are still in love and have decided to continue with the relationship, which sent social media into a frenzy

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It's not April Fools anymore so why are we still being pranked? A woman, Toya Williford, managed to dupe thousands online with a bizarre love story.

On Facebook, she claimed that she met and fell in love with a man 10 months ago but they 'found out they were siblings'.

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Williford's post read: "Everybody was always saying how much we looked so much alike and they would always say 'y'all might be related' but we always laughed it off.''

Couple finds out they're siblings after dating for 10 months and falling in love
Couple finds out they're siblings after dating for 10 months and falling in love. Image: Toya Wilford
Source: Facebook

According to Williford's prank post, exactly one month ago this year, they decided to get a DNA test and the result confirmed the suspicions.

''One month ago we decided to get a DNA test to finally put the rumours to rest. We were both excited to get the result only to find out we are related. ''We found out we were brother and sister. Yes, I was just as shocked as you guys.''

Williford's post has gone viral and garnered over 14,000 comments.

However, another social media user, Toni Sutton, revealed Williford was only playing a joke on the internet.

Sutton wrote: "The funniest part about Toya’s post is that they were mad when they thought it was true and then they got super mad when they found out it was a joke. All they had to do is research. She posts jokes about them favouring at least once a month. Go like and share her YouTube and business pages. Make that go viral. She will keep you entertained!"

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Isiahphena FoxyFe Norwood indicated that she couldn't continue with the relationship after finding out that she had been dating her biological brother.

She writes: ''Nall no way I could continue after finding out. Y’all didn’t have a conversation about family or mutual friends on Facebook. That usually to raise a lot of questions and led to who knows who.''

Reacting to Williford's post, LaToyah King said: ''Had this happen to me but we ended up being 1st cousins and now we have 5 beautiful, intelligent children together.''

''I mean think of y’all kids... even tho y’all didn’t grow up together y’all still blood. It’ll make your kids come out with disabilities,'' Raquel Picou said.

Josh Lirics Ahiable-Twist said: ''The offsprings are gonna be the outcome of these relationships and the fact is they don’t even have a say with the disabilities that they may be born with due to love‍♂️.''

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''Yall could have kept this and took it to the damn grave yall didn't need any damn test to prove nor social media,'' Qdadon Williams said.

In a separate story, determined to change his fortunes for the better, Harry Asah has earned a Bachelor's degree in Automobile Engineering from the Koforidua Technical University.

Despite his economically deprived background and struggle with stigma due to his minor disability, he has defeated the odds, bagging a degree in Automobile Engineering.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with, Asah disclosed that he had a rough childhood because he had to deal with stigma from society due to his disability.

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