Woman Orders Fried Chicken; Gets a Deep-Fried Towel Instead As Photos Go Viral

Woman Orders Fried Chicken; Gets a Deep-Fried Towel Instead As Photos Go Viral

- A Philipino woman has gone viral on social media after sharing one very horrific clip, discovering her take-away chicken was actually a deep-fried towel

- The soggy towel was discovered when the young woman tried to eat her food, sharing the shocking discovery on Facebook

-Mzansi social media users were definitely not impressed and took to the comments section to share their reactions

A Philipino woman has expressed her shock after discovering her meal of yummy fried chicken was actually a deep-fried towel.

Woman Orders Fried Chicken, She Gets a Deep-Fried Towel Instead
This fried chicken was a little suspicious. Images: Alique Perez/Facebook
Source: UGC

The unsettling clip

Naturally, the young woman was absolutely horrified and took to social media to express her disgust. In the short clip, the lady unwrapps her serving of food which she presumes to be cooked chicken.

To her absolute amazement, the customer discovers a soggy towel hidden beneath the deep-fried crumb coating.

Social media reactions

The unsavoury sight definitely put social media users off fried chicken. Many took to the comments section to share their distaste, criticising the resturaunts food standards.

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Check out some of the comments below:

Ma Althea Lerpido Baldivia-Panambo said:

"Crispylicious, juicylicious"

Jei Roy said:

"When you thought you were a jackpot because of the size you got... But it's a rag.. hehe"

Khaye Octaviano said:

"The fact that the used towel is mixed in the batter then fried in the fryer means the bacteria has already contaminated the other chickens that they sold"

Caryl Siodina said:

"this is creepy"

More on things not being what they appear

Meanwhile, YEN.com.gh previously reported that local Artist Rasta is at it again, this time painting one very questionable painting of popular local DJ Shimza.

Rasta paints DJ Shimza

The artist is definitely not known for his ability to create the likeness of his famous subjects so it's no surprise his latest work raised more than just a few eyebrows.

The hilarious rendition of Shimza left Mzansi with more questions than answers, but the DJ seems satisfied with the work even laughing and shaking hands with Rasta upon receiving the painting.

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Social media response

While Shimza might be okay with the work of art, Mzansi social media users are a little less polite. They took to the comments section to share their savage critiques of the work, and honestly- every last reaction had us in stitches.

Check out some of the spicy comments below:

@Givii12 said:

''Whose grandma is this?"

@AxeCartel said:

"I want whatever rasta is smoking"

@keep1249 said:

"So rasta is on ads now because of his weird paints?"

@thandograham hilariously wrote:

"What is painful is @Shimza01 gave him a picture of himself wearing a Blazer, jiki Blue t-shirt T-shirt - aka boshwe"

Source: YEN.com.gh

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