Man Escapes Snake Bite, Sympathises with It: “They Don’t Know Their Strength”

Man Escapes Snake Bite, Sympathises with It: “They Don’t Know Their Strength”

  • A short video of an Australian snake catcher called Joshua Castle narrowly escaping a scary snake bite has been shared on Facebook
  • In the eyebrow-raising clip, the young and brave snake catcher is attempting to capture the snake that hid behind a tree in a frightened resident's house
  • The clip received many reactions from Facebookers who marvelled over how courageous the young man was even after the snake had taken a clear swipe at him

Joshua Castle, a brave Australian snake catcher, recently came close to suffering a bite from a large snake while on a mission to capture the snake and relieve frightened homeowners who had spotted the massive carpet python in their yard.

Hair-raising moment

In the clip that was shared by Storyful, Joshua finds the snake hiding behind a bush that is next to a wall. He then quite courageously proceeds to pick up the snake, which wraps itself a little too tightly around him.

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Josh Castle, Python, snake catcher
Josh Castle was nearly bitten by this large python. Images: @Josh Castle
Source: UGC

More scary moments

Before he knows it, the snake takes its aim at the man's head and tries to bite him. Lucky enough, Joshua's reflexes are on point so the snake misses its mark but it was quite a scary thing to witness.

Facebookers can't believe their eyes

Mary Johnson said:

"I would have a heart attack."

Mahmood AL Ghanim said:

"Don't play with snakes, be safe."

Jessika Hindenburg said:

"No thank you."

More ssscary snake news also reported that Nick Evans has once again retold a thrilling story about how he managed to rescue a large python that had been eating an Inanda man's chickens after the man called him to let him know he had spotted the chicken-eating snake.

"A gentleman from Maphephetheni (back end of Inanda) phoned me to say that they had found where a resident python is living. This particular python, or believed to be the same one at least, has been feasting on his chickens!

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"We were led down into the bush, and amazingly, the hole that this python was in, was about 5m from the hole the 2018 python was in! I shone my torch in the hole, and to my relief, there was the python, curled up. It wasn't a big one, but certainly not something someone with chicken wants around."


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