Vybz Kartel's Lawyer: Text message evidence used to jail musician were fake

Vybz Kartel's Lawyer: Text message evidence used to jail musician were fake

  • Dancehall music superstar Vybz Kartel could be free by 2022, according to his lawyer Isat Buchanan
  • Buchanan said that the Blackberry cellphone used to convict the singer was examined and found to have been tampered with
  • Buchanan said he would appeal Kartel’s 35-year sentence in the UK

Vybz Kartel, arguably dancehall music's most prominent musician in recent time, could soon be free. This is according to his lawyer, Isat Buchanan.

Vybz Kartel could soon be free.
Vybz Kartel's lawyer said the dancehall icon could be freed next year. Photo: Scott Gries.
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In an interview with Fox 5, Buchanan said that there is new evidence of foul play and fake phone messages that could throw out his conviction.

According to the lawyer, the Blackberry phone used to implicate and jail Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, had been tampered with while in police custody.

Buchanan said that a court-authorised British digital expert had examined the phone in question. Buchanan further divulged that he is taking Kartel’s appeal to London.

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"Looking at the evidence, this case was about getting Vybz Kartel in prison and leaving him there," Buchanan said.

The human rights lawyer divulged that Kartel’s 2014 conviction alongside three others was based on the phone's evidence.

"What was put before the jury was evidence which we do not know if it was authentic, but what we do now know was that there was tampering of that cell phone," he said.

Violation of Kartel's rights

Buchanan termed the new evidence as proof of violation of Kartel’s rights and said he would seek to overturn the murder conviction.

"We're looking for a complete overturn of the conviction and for Mr Palmer and his co-defendants to be free," he said.

He also expressed confidence that justice will prevail and his client will be a free man by 2022.

Kartel’s fans were thrilled by the news and reacted by writing:

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Krystel Qveen:

“The greatest to ever do this! Free Vybz Kartel.”

Phanatix Talk Show:

“Vybz Kartel, the most prolific since Bob Marley.”

Payday Empire:

“It will be a holiday when the World Boss is released.”

Karoli Erzulie:

“Please free the World boss. What’s done in the dark shall soon come to light."
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Freedom for the iconic musician would mean the world for his legion of diehard fans in Kenya.

Kartel's commands a cultic following in the country, and even the once-notorious Gaza Gang viewed him as their demigod.

Responding to the reports that the members of Gaza worshipped him, a Jamaican media house said Kartel would not support such acts.

“Kartel does not support these things. This is not part of Kartel,” Souflo TV said.

Kartel was handed a 35-year sentence for the murder of Clive 'Lizard' William.

However, despite being in prison, he has been consistently releasing music and topping dancehall music charts.

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