Heartbreaking: Videos Emerge of Families Hit by Raging Volcanic Eruptions

Heartbreaking: Videos Emerge of Families Hit by Raging Volcanic Eruptions

  • Spanish families are seriously affected by a ravaging volcanic eruption that has damaged a number of homes
  • A number of videos have surfaced on social media platforms and media reports suggest that about 7 000 families had to be evacuated
  • According to scientists and specialists, the aftermath of the volcanic eruption will last for about 84 days

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The island of La Palma has been engulfed by a raging volcano that destroyed a number of homes. The volcano is currently active in Spain’s Canary Islands.

According to various media reports, the videos emerged on Wednesday through a number of social media sites such as Twitter.

Business Insider has it that both Bloomberg and the Associated Press uploaded footage of a sea of lava seen swallowing homes, roads and fields as smoke rises from the scorched path.

The news portal further reported that villagers in Todoque had to flee for safety and there were about 7 000 people evacuated from the area.

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Spanish villagers are severely hit by raging volcanic eruptions. Image: @ezequieleg968/Reuters/Twitter
Source: UGC

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The aftermath of the volcano could last up to 84 days

It is also mentioned that the eruption and its aftermath could last 84 days considering the fact that the volcano continues to release thousands of tons of sulphur dioxide, which might lead to lung disease and failure.

At the same time, CBS News also carried the same report saying that the Canary Island Volcanology Institute feels the effects could be felt for more than two months.

Following Sunday's eruption, rivers of lava nearly 20 feet high led to total destruction and swallowed more than 185 buildings.

The post reads:

@Craigy_Xo said:

“I can't quite understand why people would want to live in the path of a volcano. That's like living by a giant sinkhole and then, standing around and filming, as it gets closer to you.”

@MrsDenise said:

“Heartbreaking and very scary for the people, wow.”

@ces_Gurl said:

“Do they have volcano eruption in their insurance policies in this area?”

@Planethayley said:

“I would suggest evacuating the house at this point!”

DRC records 61 earthquakes in a day after the volcanic eruption of Mount Nyiragongo

In a related story, YEN.com.gh published that seismologists in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) previously reported a total of 61 earthquakes in a single day around Mount Nyiragongo volcano.

This succeeds a volcanic eruption of the mountain on Saturday, May 22, which displaced thousands of eastern city of Goma residents, which hosts over two million people.

According to a daily report by the Goma Volcanic Observatory (GVO), cited by international media outlets, the earthquakes were a result of the continued collapse of the volcano's crater.

Since Saturday's eruption that killed at least 31 people, the area has experienced a series of earthquakes and tremors, as stated by the country's provincial government spokesperson.

Around 400,000 people have since fled the city with officials warning of a second eruption. The report further warned that the lava flows may cause asphyxiation, severe burns or death.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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