A Step By Step Guide On How To Check Your Senior High School Placements

A Step By Step Guide On How To Check Your Senior High School Placements

Prospective Senior High School students who wrote the Basic Education Certificate Examination few months ago can now check their placement details right on their mobile phones. Students and parents can check their placements by simply sending a text message.

The Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS), a system used by the Ghana Education Service - G.E.S to place qualified B.E.C.E graduates into Senior High School (SHS), Technical Institutes (TI) and Vocational Institutes in Ghana will allow the BECE graduates to see the schools they have been admitted to and program offered.

To check their school placement, B.E.C.E / J.H.S graduates can TEXT their 10-DIGIT INDEX NUMBER to the short code 1060 which works on MTN, Vodafone, Airtel, Tigo, and Kasapa. Below are the steps to check your SHS placement.

Let us assume your index number is 9797979797

STEP 1: Go to Messages on your phone and initiate a new SMS/TEXT message.

STEP 2: Type your index number Eg: 9797979797 and send to short code 1060.

STEP 3:  You will receive details of the school placement. (if this does not work, then go to STEP 4.)

STEP 4:  Add the last two digits of your year of completion to the index number and send. EG: If you completed in 2015, type 979797979715 and send to 1060.

NOTE: Do not add any (SPACE) anywhere. No space before or after. Just text the 10-DIGIT INDEX NUMBER to 1060 short code.

Also note that in STEP 4 above, the 9797979797 is the assumed index number and 15 is the year of completion. Those numbers are just for demonstration purposes.


Source: YEN.com.gh

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