Ten Ghanaian cultural taboos you should know about

Ten Ghanaian cultural taboos you should know about

Ghanians are generally friendly and hospitable people who are known to receive foreigners with warmth.

Ten Ghanaian cultural taboos you should know about

But there are cultural taboos that Ghanaians are foreigner alike must keep in mind in order not to offend members of the public.

Here are some of them shared by users on Quora, a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited and organised by its community of users.

One user, Nii Tetteh, ii Tettey, who describes himself as a student and CIEE U-pal, notes that:

"Using your left hand to gesticulate, shake hands, greet, wave, collect or receive items are frowned upon.

Calling someone stupid or crazy is considered a literal insult, so it is perceived as offensive.

Smelling food is seen as a very rude thing to do.

Some people consider walking while eating as uncultured.

It is considered rude to not greet people that you pass close to, especially if you know them."

Harry Harry, who says he is a programmer, also observes that:

"Homosexuality. Marriage between two persons of the same sex is strictly prohibited by norms, traditions and by law.

Incest. Marriage between two siblings is a taboo. Among certain ethnic groups marriage between two people of the same family is also considered as a taboo."

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Elorm Tagbor, who describes herself as a Ghanaian woman, also adds:

Other taboos include not going to the farm or to sea on certain days. Again, these days vary according to ethnic group and area. People in some areas in the Central region do not go to the farm on Thursdays. Another is that during the Ga traditional festival of Homowo, no noise is allowed.

Join the discussion. What other taboos do you know of in Ghana?

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