I was shocked when I heard my son being called Bola Ray - Bola Ray's Mother

I was shocked when I heard my son being called Bola Ray - Bola Ray's Mother

Mrs Gladys Adisi, mother of the multiple award winning broadcaster and CEO of the EIB Network and Empire Group of Companies, has revealed that she was initially surprised when she found out her son's popular nickname.

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I was shocked when I heard my son being called Bola Ray - Bola Ray's Mother

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Speaking on Kasapa FM on Wednesday, March 1st, on occasion of the celebrated broadcaster's birthday, Mrs. Adisi related that she raised Bola Ray - born Nathan Anokye Adisi,- under sound biblical principles, which is why she was so surprised to hear her her son being called Bola Ray. She also said she named Bola Ray after a biblical prophet,

According to Mrs. when a child is raised under strict biblical principals, they never stray from them. She further described Bola Ray as her favorite son, saying that he'd always been a humble character since he's early days.

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“If you nurture your child on Biblical principles hadly does he/she depart from such principles. Bola Ray has always been a calm and kind person.”

“The first day I heard he was called Bola Ray I was astonished, because that it not the name he was given at birth. His name Nathan means a gift from God and so when he came from school and was being called Bola all over the place, I asked him where from that name and its meaning, and he explained that he was a prefect in school and was given that name by the students because he was big in size.”

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