These ancient kings and queens of Ghana were powerful than death itself and YEN has rare proof!

These ancient kings and queens of Ghana were powerful than death itself and YEN has rare proof!

There is no doubt in our minds that Ghana is a country built on the cultural heritage of past heroes and heroines. Nowhere in our history shows that the West African country emerged clean from battles and wars, nowhere!

But unfortunately, the songs of most of Ghana’s brave souls have stayed unsung. Just ask any of our young men and women what they know about the chiefs or queens that made history in their own right and I bet you, they would have nothing much to say.

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But thanks to YEN, we will be coming across some of the brave hearts who helped defined what Ghana is in present.

Let’s start with Ghana’s capital of the Greater Accra Region because oral history (history based on the narration on people who once witnessed or were told of the event) has it that the Ga kingdom was actually birthed from a brave man called King Ayi Kushi!

According to this narrative, YEN learns that Ayi Kushi was actually established the Ga dynasty after leading the Ga-Dangmes from Cush in Jerusalem to the kingdom at Ayawaso which arguably became the first kingdom in present day Ghana.

Have you ever heard of the chief of Larteh, Nana Akrofi Oworae III? I believe you haven’t! Well, according to oral and written history, this chief was more of a force to reckon with whenever it comes to international relations. Nana Akrofi Oworae is actually the chief who brought about the Yaa Asantewaa war of 1900.

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History has it that Nana Akrofi Oworae III single-handedly brought together 2000 Ghanaian troops for the British expeditionary forces – a move leading to the capture of King Prempeh who was later on exiled to Seychelles.

Let’s face it, had it not been for the brave and decisive move by Akrofie there would never be a story on Yaa Asantewaa. This chief wrote history in his own right!

There’s no doubt in our minds that one name that resounds in the minds of Ewes is King Agorkoli (or Agokoli). This king is arguable the main cause behind the establishment of the Ewe kingdom. Just like any another dictator, King Agorkoli is documented to have punished all who went against his ideals as a king.

“The reign of Agokoli profoundly marked the period and the deep legacy left in the collective memory of the Ewe as the primary cause of the different migrations from Notsie and the occupation of present-day Eweland,” historian, Dr. A. Kobla Dotse has revealed.

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Ghana is indeed blessed with various known and unknown kings and queens who chartered the cause of history in their own light. It remains of us Ghanaians to not just keep them in mind but also keep acknowledge them for the works they have contributed to the purpose of our political history.

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