Ghana’s visa denial rate over 60% - U.S. State Department

Ghana’s visa denial rate over 60% - U.S. State Department

Ghana has been ranked among countries who had the highest rate of United State Visa application denials around the globe.

Figures from the US Department of State indicates that the 2016 fiscal year saw Ghana ranked as the seventh country with the highest number of denied US visa applications.

Most of these Ghanaians applied for B visas to travel and deal in tourism or other businesses, but staggering 65.7% of them had their applications rejected.

Ghana’s visa denial rate over 60% - U.S. State Department
Infographic courtesy of Statista

The figure makes Ghana one of the leading countries with high denial rates when it comes to visa application into the US.

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Meanwhile over 1.7 million Ghanaians applied for US visas via the visa lottery system, with the hope traveling overseas.

And with the number representing 12% of the total 14 million people who applied across the world, Ghana again set the record for the highest number of visa applicants through the US lottery system in the year under review.

Getting a visa into the US has become a difficult task, given the strenuous process that one has to go through to gain one.

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Applicants will first have to submit a non-immigrant visa application, before following that up with the payment of the application fees.

The applicant will then have to go for an interview, with successful applicants sometimes taking up to four months to have their visas.

Ghana currently ranks in the company of 13 other countries with US visa denial rates of over 60%.

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However, the likes of Cuba, Afghanistan and Syria all recorded higher denial rates as compared to Ghana.

In Africa, though, Liberia and Mauritania rank as the countries with highest visa refusal into the US, with over 70% of applicants having their applications rejected.


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