Elon Musk Is Worth Over $300 Billion, More Than Ghana's Entire GDP

Elon Musk Is Worth Over $300 Billion, More Than Ghana's Entire GDP

  • A recent nett worth of $335 billion indicates that Elon Musk has acquired more money than the whole GDP of his native country, South Africa
  • Musk's financial clout exceeds that of investor Warren Buffett, with Tesla's CEO estimated to be three times wealthier than the well-known philanthropist
  • Musk's nett worth recently increased due to an 8.5% gain in Tesla's shares and a 65.6 percent increase since the beginning of the year

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Elon Musk has amassed more wealth than the whole gross domestic product (GDP) of his birth nation, South Africa. According to World Bank figures, the third-world country earned $301.9 billion last year while Musk's nett worth has risen to $335 billion.

Investor and business giant Warren Buffett lacks Musk's financial clout, with Tesla's CEO being the first person to gain a $300 billion nett worth, making him three times richer than the well-known philanthropist.

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The recent surge in the nett worth of Musk was prompted by an 8.5% increase in Tesla’s shares. It was reported that his nett worth rose by a significant $165 billion in 2021.

Elon Musk, richer, SA GDP, over $300 billion
Elon Musk is reportedly now worth more than South Africa's entire GDP. Image: Liesa Johannssen-Koppitz/Bloomberg
Source: UGC

Reports by Business Insider revealed that Tesla's stock increased by 65.6% since the beginning of 2021.

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Following reports by The South African, Pretoria’s own is estimated to be worth roughly $100 billion more than Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos. It is also estimated that Musk is 29 times richer than Johann Rupert, South Africa’s richest citizen.

Saffas joke Elon Musk qualifies to drink at KONKA with R4.25 trillion nett worth

In other news about the billionaire, YEN.com.gh readers gathered online to give subtle and cheeky suggestions as to how Pretoria's own Elon Musk could spend his cash.

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Neither space nor the roads are safe from this business powerhouse. Musk shook the world with his influence on the electric car and his interest in space travel.

Perhaps Musk's success comes from his South African roots. Mzansi welcomed him back to the rainbow nation by offering him drinks at KONKA in exchange for taking the reins at the embattled power utility Eskom.

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