United Showbiz Pundit Begs Brands To Give Funny Face Ambassadorial Deals To Take Care Of His Family

United Showbiz Pundit Begs Brands To Give Funny Face Ambassadorial Deals To Take Care Of His Family

  • Ghanaian entertainment pundit has asked Ghanaians to forgive famous comedian Funny Face for all his wrongdoings
  • The eloquent PR specialist added that Funny Face needs a job to cater for the needs of his family
  • Some social media users commented on the trending video shared by UTV on Instagram

Ghanaian entertainment pundit Vida Adwumtwumaa has called on Ghanaians and top brands to forgive Funny Face and offer him jobs to care for his family.

In an emotional appeal, Vida Adwumtwumaa argued that Funny Face has finally admitted that he is at fault after hurting innocent children and causing a financial burden to their families.

Vida Adutwumwaa and Funny Face
Vida Adutwumwaa and Funny Face rock elegant outfits. Photo credit: @utv.
Source: Instagram

Speaking on the United Showbiz, which is hosted by MzGee, the outspoken critic said:

"It is very insensitive on the part of Ola to say Funny Face was acting in the interview as though it was a movie being shot. Indeed, Funny Face has repeatedly erred and apologized, but one thing he hadn’t done was to blame himself for his woes. In the beginning, he blamed colleagues, his baby mama and some other people to the extent that he even shot his dog dead.

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But here is a person who has admitted he was at fault. You could see the remorse during the interview. We are fixated on the fact that he was drunk and has forgotten that a certain motor crossed his way, and that cannot be ruled out as the cause of the accident.
I’ve seen showbiz personalities beg for money when they’re in trouble. But this person calls on brands for collaboration because he can leverage his influence. That should be commended because he is ready to work. What is wrong with this plea?
None of us is a saint. He has asked for forgiveness and is ready to work and redeem his image. He has four kids; he has caused injury to people. How can he put himself together when we trivialise this issue?”

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Watch the video below:

Ola Michael accuses Funny Face of acting during Kofi TV interview

A filmmaker and entertainment critic, Ola Michael, accused Funny Face of acting during an interview with Kofi TV. He said:

I can understand that you need money to support these people you’ve caused harm to. But seriously, if I’m a company or a brand, he will be the last person I’d consider for an ambassadorial deal.

Watch the video below:

Some social media users commented on Vida Adutwumwaa's video trending on Instagram

YEN.com.gh has compiled some reactions below.

gentlesimon_al stated:

This lady has made my night. Ola ayɛ ne ti te sɛ Abena Mowet nufu

adwoa_the_amankwah stated:

Well spoken dear!! God bless u

twins_mum_dont_beg stated:

God bless you

ohemaa_akosua_esther stated:

God bless you sis Vida

Selinahagan stated:

God bless you, well spoken

leo_snow14 stated:

I don fall give Vida

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Abenagyabeng stated:

Wise woman, well-spoken.

eugeniaasare10 stated:

God always gives us second chance...black man..that Ola guy..one day you will experience in a hard ways..I don't why they always bring him in the show..we are all going to die one day

asherqueen_jamesversion stated:

Hmmmmmm Ola should this happen to him which can happen to anyone would he expect reaching arms?

Nanaefuabaffoe stated:

Well spoken Vida. God bless you

kwame7713 stated:

Ola di333 he always talks rubbish

ohemaa_akosua_esther stated:

Ola is not being empathetic kor!

Worldcelebrityblogger stated:

Please funny face don't respond to the statement from Ola, because you will rise up again my dear brother @therealfunnyface ❤️❤️❤️.

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After viewing the UTV Instagram video, a few social media users expressed their opinions.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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