7 male personality types and their characteristics traits

7 male personality types and their characteristics traits

In the 21st century, modern man has evolved to become different from what he was one or two centuries ago. Technology and society have impacted people's growth, leading to various personality traits. But in men, different characteristic features define each. Learn about the male personality types and how to describe them.

male personality types
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Male personality types include alpha, and beta, among others. These words have been used by people more so in the online world to describe varying characteristics of the modern man. These personality types differ, each with their strengths.

7 male personality types

If you have been following various online trends, you might have encountered multiple terminologies used to describe men. The terms alpha, omega, beta and zeta describe the different male personality traits in the current generation. So, what are these personality types and their characteristics? Here are the seven male personality types and their attributes.

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1. Alpha

male personality types
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Who is an alpha male? According to Zella Life, the alpha is a leader, possesses high self-respect and takes the lead in most situations. He is confident, assertive and self-assured.

Some common characteristics of the alpha male are bravery, high achievement and being very social. The alpha man can excel as a CEO, politician, or military general.

2. Beta

Beta males are supportive, subordinate characters who answer to the alpha. They are kind, lovable but sometimes too confident in their comfort zone. The beta is shy and reserved, valuing personal relationships over career achievements or material wealth.

Some common personality traits of the beta man include being friendly, selfless and gentle. They make great romantic partners. Most beta males are doctors, social workers, nurses or teachers.

3. Gamma

male personality types
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Who is a gamma male? The gamma is competitive, confident, intelligent and social. They are outgoing people who love to travel and are constantly on the move. Due to their social nature, the gamma male creates powerful friendships wherever they go.

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Some common personality traits include being goofy, adventurous, fun, loud and bombastic. The gamma excels in acting careers and public events coordination.

4. Delta

Delta males are highly adaptable, responsible, and the 'normal' guy in the socio-sexual hierarchy. They have very competent work ethics but aren't authoritative and lack leadership and ambition. Deltas prefer to learn new skills to improve themselves rather than for success.

The common characteristic traits of the delta include being hardworking, loyal, responsible, dependable and unpretentious. Some careers they excel in include accounting, dentistry and engineering.

5. Zeta

male personality types
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Zeta males are men who reject the traditional norms and expectations of masculinity. They don't conform to traditional beliefs of what society perceives a man to be.

Zeta males are one-of-a-kind progressives and fierce creatives. Some of their characteristics include being creative, self-aware and independent. Zeta men excel in careers related to acting and art.

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6. Sigma

Sigma males are one of the most popular personalities on the list. A personality made famous by media personality Andrew Tate, sigma males are confident mentors who play by their own rules. Sigmas are bold, nurturing and wise but aren't interested in attention or power.

Sigma males have the respect and admiration of their peers and prefer to educate and guide misguided men on finding their inner power. Sigmas are lone wolfs and excel in careers related to teaching and entrepreneurship.

7. Omega

male personality types
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Omega males are intelligent introverts who don't feel the need to compete or conform to traditional gender roles and stereotypes. They are shy, independent and highly comfortable in their own company.

They are known for being strategic, quiet and self-motivated. Most excel as scientists, mathematicians, chemists, composers and inventors.


  1. What are the 7 male personality types? They are the alpha, beta, gamma, delta, zeta, sigma and omega personality types.
  2. What is the strongest male personality type? The alpha is the top personality type as they are assertive and confident.
  3. What is a Type A male? They are outgoing, ambitious, organised, status-conscious, impatient, anxious, proactive, and time-conscious.
  4. What is the rarest male personality? The INFJ (introversion, intuition, feeling, and judging) is the rarest personality type in just 0.5% of men.
  5. What is a zeta male? They are men who don't conform to the traditional expectations associated with being a man.
  6. What does a sigma male mean? It is a slang term for a popular, successful, highly independent and self-reliant man.
  7. Is omega higher than alpha? No. Alphas rank top, followed by beta, while omegas rank bottom.

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The various male personality types include alpha, beta and others. They describe the modern man and their characters, distinguishing them from one another. The guide above should help you to determine your personality type if you were wondering where you fit.

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