Where is Jasmine Richardson now? Everything you need to know

Where is Jasmine Richardson now? Everything you need to know

Although widely known for its beautiful landscapes, Canada once made headlines after a gruesome murder by a teenager due to a tragic love story. Jasmine Richardson, 12 at the time, became the youngest person ever convicted of multiple murders. Discover everything you need to know about her.

Jasmine Richardson now
Jasmine Richardson and her boyfriend, Jeremy Steinke. Photo: @sketur93, @alexissTyler on Twitter (modified by author)
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In her early teenage, Jasmine Richardson became the centre of media focus in Canada when her family fell victim to a brutal murder, causing widespread shock and concern throughout the country. Learn more about the Richardsons family murders in this article.

Jasmine Richardson's profile summary

Full name Jasmin Richardson
Gender Female
Date of birth 1994
Age 29 years old (as of 2023)
Current residence Medicine Hat, Southeast Alberta, Canada
Hair colour Dark brown
Eye colour Dark brown
Father Marc Richardson
Mother Debra Richardson
Brother Tyler Jacobs
Marital status Single

Who is Jasmine Richardson?

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Jasmine is a convict from Canada who was involved in a 2006 family murder instance. She is 29 years in 2023. She was 12 years old when she got involved in the gruesome act of murder.

Why did Richardson wipe out her entire family?

When the Richardson girl started dating their pet groomer, her parents strongly disapproved. Not only was he 11 years older, but he also had some strange beliefs. Steinke claimed to be a 300-year-old vampire and openly talked about liking the taste of blood. Her parents were worried that he would negatively influence their innocent daughter.

Richardson and her self-proclaimed werewolf boyfriend planned on how to overcome her parents' objections and continue their relationship. She came up with the idea of killing her parents, and Steinke agreed, suggesting they needed a solid plan. After committing the horrifying act, the two lovers disappeared.

How did Jasmine kill her parents?

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Jasmine reportedly shared her plans to kill her parents with friends, but they thought she was joking. On the night before the murders, the young couple watched a movie called Natural Born Killers, and the next day, on 23 April 2006, they carried out their plan.

The murders were discovered by a friend of Jasmine's brother, who went to visit and saw a lifeless body through the window. He quickly ran home and told his mother, who called the police.

Jasmine brought to justice

Jasmine Richardson now
Marc Richardson and Debra Richardson are Jasmine's parents. Photo: @Thecrimereel
Source: Youtube

Initially, J.R was seen as a victim of this tragic event, but it was later revealed that she played a big role in the crime along with her former pet groomer and boyfriend, Jeremy Steinke. Evidence in digital messages showed that the two lovers had exchanged correspondence detailing their plans for the murders.

The couple was eventually found and arrested while they were running away together. Richardson, who was only 13 at the time of the conviction, received a maximum sentence allowed by the Youth Criminal Justice Act, which was ten years in prison. She was found guilty of three counts of first-degree murder, despite pleading not guilty.

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Jeremy was sentenced to life in prison without parole for 25 years. Despite being incarcerated, the two continued their relationship through letters and even promised to marry each other.

Where is Jasmine Richardson today?

After receiving extensive rehabilitation and treatment, she was released from prison in 2011. A series of psychiatric evaluations revealed that she had been diagnosed with conduct disorder and oppositional defiant disorder.

While she served the remainder of her sentence under conditional supervision in the community, Jasmine enrolled as a freshman at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. Her official sentence was completed in 2016, marking her full release from the justice system.

During her final court appearance, it was noted that Jasmine only expressed gratitude towards the judge but did not show remorse for her crimes. Officer Bret, one of the first responders at the crime scene, expressed concerns and hoped that she hadn't deceived the criminal justice system. However, her attorney believed she had undergone effective rehabilitation and was unlikely to re-offend.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What did Jasmine Richardson do? She is believed to have orchestrated her parents' murder, killing her brother herself and having her boyfriend participate in the killing of her parents.
  2. Where is Jasmine Richardson now? After serving a 10-year sentence, she was released in 2016 and currently resides in an undisclosed location within the community,.
  3. What is Jasmine Richardson doing now? She is believed to be living quietly in the community at a secret location.
  4. What is Jasmine Richardson’s new name? Referred to as "JR" in her home country, Jasmine's identity is protected, and she is being called "a poster child."
  5. Does Jasmine Richardson have Instagram? She doesn't have an official Instagram account. However, several accounts under her name exist.
  6. How did Jasmine Richardson meet Jeremy Steinke? The two reportedly met at a punk rock show.
  7. Who were the parents of Jasmine Richardson? Her mother was Debra Richardson, while her father was Marc Richardson.
  8. How many years did Jasmine Richardson get? She was sentenced to 10 years in prison, the maximum allowed under the law for someone her age.

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Despite the brutal and horrifying incident of her parent's murder, Jasmine Richardson was released from prison after a serving ten years in jail, owing to the fact that she was a minor at the time of the act. Her boyfriend continues to serve time without a possibility of parole.

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