Eyebrow slit: Full guide on how to get a clean eyebrow slit

Eyebrow slit: Full guide on how to get a clean eyebrow slit

Are you a fashion enthusiast and cannot wait for the next mind-boggling trend? You are probably searching for something profound and intricate. One such fashion statement that is currently making trends is the eyebrow slit, a simple style requiring minimal upkeep. Discover how to get one.

Eyebrow slit
A man and a woman with eyebrow slits. Photo: @payne_white. @amadiakilah on Instagram (modified by author)
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Who wants the latest and upcoming trends? Everybody, of course! The ultimate time to revive your look and apply something stylish is now. The eyebrow slit is a unique twist to add to your face, and you can tailor it to your style.

How to create eyebrow slits

What is an eyebrow slit? The eyebrow slit, also known as the eyebrow notch, is a trend where people shave thin vertical lines within their brows. It is a form of self-expression or a fashion statement. Here is how to create eyebrow slits:

1. Decide the location and number to get

Deciding on the location is integral as some prefer it near the start of the eyebrow while others might choose the middle or end. Additionally, determining the number to get depends on your individual style and comfort level. You can opt for a single one for a subtle look or multiple ones for a more dramatic effect.

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2. Mark your canvas

Before you start, make sure about the location of your cut. You can use a white eyeliner pencil to mark a vertical line where you want the design on your brows for precision and accuracy.

One ideal method is to draw two vertical lines at a 60-degree angle using a white eyeliner pencil to mark the region.

3. Place scotch tape

Another trick is to create boundaries and precision using tape. For example, you can place a tape parallel to the white line you drew. Use the straight edge of the scotch tape and line it up to the edge of the white eyeliner.

4. Mark the second line

On the same eyebrow, you placed the first scotch tape and put another piece next to your second white line, ensuring to leave a gap in the middle. The opening is where your brow slit will go.

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5. Shave the area

Suppose you have an eyebrow razor shape between the two pieces of tape. You could also use an electric shaver, tilting it to get the perfect precision. Once done, remove the scotch tapes gently and inspect if the result is to your liking.

Types of eyebrow slits

Eyebrow slits come in a variety of styles, each offering a unique look. Here are some of the most popular types:

1. Single eyebrow slit

This design is a basic razor cut in only one of the brows, ideal for beginners. It is a simple way to adopt this trend and is easy to achieve, giving a superb partial effect.

2. Double eyebrow slit

Eyebrow slit
The double eyebrow slit. Photo: @simjcke on Instagram (modified by author)
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This variation features two cuts, often in the same region. It is an ideal choice for those in love with the dramatic, displaying a bolder look that best shows your personality.

3. Haircut joining plus eyebrow slit

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This design combines an eyebrow slit with a continuing cut into your hair. The style looks best with fade haircuts like the crew cut, buzz cut or the undercut. If you are looking for men's eyebrow slits, this haircut combo is an ideal choice.

4. Haircut joining plus double slit

Eyebrow slit
The haircut-joining plus eyebrow double split. Photo: @theMachoCo on Facebook (modified by author)
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This variation contains a double cut continuing into your hair. The style is among the cool eyebrow cuts for guys, ideal for those with an edgier style.

5. Star eyebrow slits

Eyebrow slit
The eyebrow slit with star design. Photo: @leomingi on X (Twitter) (modified by author)
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The styles and the cut don't have to be straight or bare; you could choose to be more creative and go for the crossed design. For example, Hongjoong, a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, and composer under KQ Entertainment, has made the star brow cut popular as he often spots the design.

6. Fishtail eyebrow slit

If you are looking for creative designs for the brow cut, the fishtail design is perfect. To create this style, modify the shaved eyebrow line, working with the angles to create an upward flick at the end of the front part. An eyebrow pencil is ideal for this task.

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What are some popular eyebrow slit styles for men in 2023?

In 2023, eyebrow slits for men have taken on a variety of styles, each offering a unique look. They include the:

  • Single slit: A simple and elegant style, perfect for beginners.
  • Double or triple slit: Ideal for a bolder look.
  • The middle slit: Inspired by Jason Momoa, features a slit right through the middle of the eyebrow.

Eyebrow slits are the new trend taking the fashion world by storm. They are a form of self-expression that adds a unique twist to an individual's look. Whether it's a single slit or multiple, they are a bold statement that you can tailor to your style.

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