Test products for Amazon and get paid: How to easily become a products tester

Test products for Amazon and get paid: How to easily become a products tester

Did you know you can earn money from testing and reviewing products from Amazon? Like most e-commerce platforms, Amazon has a program that involves testing and providing commodity feedback before they become available to the public. But can anyone join the program? And how do you test products for Amazon and get paid?

Test products for amazon and get paid
The Amazon shopping logo is displayed on a smartphone screen. Photo: Igor Golovniov
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Amazon is among the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. The company, based in Seattle, Washington, USA, was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. The company has become one of the most significant online retailers thanks to its easy shopping and service quality. But do you know that you can make money testing Amazon products?

What is an Amazon product tester?

The Amazon product tester program uses selected reviewers to test and review items sold on the platform. These testers must provide honest and unbiased feedback to the online retailer and, in return, get a fee reward, discounts or free commodities.

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How to test products for Amazon and get paid

Amazon, one of the world's largest online retailers, runs several product testing programs to gather insight before releasing commodities to the market. But, the company doesn't just hire anyone for their product tester jobs; you must meet set criteria to become a tester in its program. The requirements include being a regular customer of the e-commerce platform and having quality past and present reviews.

How do I become a product tester?

You can get the Amazon product tester job through various methods. They include programs like Vine Voices, Amazon Associates and Third-party Programs. You can earn, receive discounts or earn money for your reviews through these platforms. Here is how to become a product reviewer:

1. Amazon Vine Program

This is an invite-only program by the online retailer designed to gather honest reviews from trusted Amazon testers known as Vine Voices. These reviewers receive free items from the retailer in exchange for their thoughts and feedback. Sellers are not allowed to send commodities directly to you.

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The e-commerce platform recruits reviewers from a group of Vine Voices based on a reviewer rank. The reviewer rank reflects the amount and quality of reviews you have left when shopping for various items.

Because it is an invite-only program, it will contact you, assign and ship your items to review.

To increase your chances of being selected to participate in the Vine Voices Program, ensure you have an account on the platform and review every purchase. Also, make helpful, detailed and up-to-date reviews.

2. Amazon Associates

Test products for amazon and get paid
The Amazon shopping logo is displayed on a smartphone screen. Photo: Igor Golovniov
Source: Getty Images

The Amazon Associates program works with review sites. It allows individuals, content creators and website owners to earn advertising fees by promoting and referring customers to commodities sold on the platform. The program works through product promotion and a commission structure where reviewers create unique product affiliate links.

When a buyer clicks on that link and makes a qualifying purchase, you earn a commission on that sale. Some notable websites include:

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Vipon is an online marketplace that provides a curated selection of discounted products from various categories. This website is a great route to take as an Amazon-focused site because you can get huge discounts and raise awareness through customer coupon codes.


Snagshout is a platform that connects shoppers with Amazon sellers who want to increase product visibility and generate reviews. It functions as a third-party website that provides discounted products in exchange for honest feedback.


Rebaid is an online platform that connects shoppers with the e-commerce platform sellers who offer discounted products in exchange for honest reviews. It is a third-party website connecting sellers with reviewers interested in trying out products and providing feedback.

3. Become an influencer

Amazon Influencers can use various marketing tools, including personal storefronts, shoppable photos, live streaming, and vanity URLs. Additionally, the Amazon Influencer Programme provides access to even more marketing tools and can increase the likelihood of appearing in search results.

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Do Amazon product testers get paid?

Test products for amazon and get paid
An Amazon logo is displayed on a fulfilment centre. Photo: Gabe Ginsberg
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No, not really. The Vine Voice program participants do not receive money for their reviews but get compensation in the form of free stuff or heavy discounts on the products sent by Amazon. However, third-party sites offer monetary rewards for quality reviews using their platforms.

Does Amazon pay people to review products?

No, they don't. The online retailer has strict rules against incentivized reviews and will remove reviews that violate these rules to ensure their customers have confidence in genuine, unbiased reviews. Amazon may offer free products in specific cases, but they do not pay people to review items and have safeguards for unbiased reviews.

The guide above is perfect if you are searching for how to test products for Amazon and get paid. Product testers earn a living from testing and reviewing commodities. Some benefits of being a tester include receiving free or discounted products and making money testing products on third party platforms.

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