How to make money online in Ghana as a student in 2024: 20 easy ways

How to make money online in Ghana as a student in 2024: 20 easy ways

As a Ghanaian student, depending on a monthly allowance from your parents to cater for both academic and social welfare can be difficult and may sometimes affect your academics. Yet, there are innovative, trusted, and quick ways of making money online without affecting your studies due to the massive opportunities on the internet. Well, here is how to make money online in Ghana as a student.

How to make money online in Ghana
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Given our times, it has become easier to make money as a Ghanaian student irrespective of gender and academic qualification. This is because the internet is full of vast online business platforms where you can earn with your phone or laptop and study simultaneously.

Nevertheless, these opportunities are not a get-rich-quick scheme as you ought to apply sufficient effort to make substantial returns. You ought to use adequate measures if you expect to make significant returns.

How to make money online in Ghana as a student

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The online world is flooded with legitimate service providers as well as scammers. Therefore, before accessing online jobs in Ghana, you first have to research. Ask around about the online work before you engage. What are the easiest and most rewarding online jobs in Ghana?

1. Online surveys

It is not news when students ask, "How can I make money online with my phone in ghana?" Online surveys are one of the quickest ways to make money online in the country. This is because numerous companies want to get feedback from their customers.

Therefore, they usually invite online applicants to engage in a study and are paid upon completion. The questions are typically straightforward. All you have to do is enrol and get listed.

2. Paid-per-click jobs

If you are still wondering how to earn money online in Ghana, paid-to-click jobs are one of the most straightforward strategies. First, you have to register with a legitimate PPC online company. Also, ensure to check the reviews of previous customers to avoid scammers. Then, complete your registration and become a platform member if the company is legitimate.

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PPC sites pay you to view advertisements and are one of the best online jobs for students in Ghana. All you have to do is click the link the site sends you and make your money.

3. Online writing reviews

Online writing reviews are fantastic, especially for students who want to make money online quickly. All that is required is to write reviews about various products and get paid.

First, you have to register with a renowned review website. After which, you will be given certain products to research. Note that you are mandated to review the product by noting the advantages and disadvantages.

4. Freelance writing

As a student, your tutors usually give loads of assignments to submit. This is one of the best ways to earn money to support yourself. The reason is that you can pursue online content writing to make some extra cash.

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Apart from that, consistent streams of SEO jobs in Ghana pay very well. The more jobs a writer completes, the more money they get, and the better the opportunity for upgrading to a higher level for better pay.

5. Affiliate marketing

Making money online in Ghana has never been easier than through affiliate marketing. This is an excellent strategy for earning passive income, as you can earn any time of the day. You need to promote other people’s products or services via an affiliate network. If people purchase because of your marketing, you earn a commission.

6. Influencer marketing

Social media platforms are a great way of earning massively online. The logic is simple: more followers, more money. You can create an advertising enterprise with your social media handles as giant companies are looking to reach a bigger audience to advertise their products or services. All you have to do is have massive followers on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tiktok account.

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How to make money online in Ghana
A way to make money on social media is to have more followers, and companies will reach out to you. Photo: @carnations,
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7. Online courses

If you have a passion for teaching, you can set up an online course that teaches people in any subject. Online courses are a lucrative way to make money online in Ghana. Meanwhile, it is crucial to choose suitable platforms to upload your course material, manage your clients, and accept payments.

8. Online trading

This involves buying and selling digital products via an online trading platform. This online platform is usually provided by internet-based brokers and is available to everyone, including students who want to make money from the market. You can trade with various financial products, including shares, commodities, indices, and forex.

9. Starting a YouTube channel

Are you one of those asking, "How can I make money fast in Ghana?" This is one of the easiest ways to make money online, and it does not require any startup capital. All you need is to start your YouTube channel and choose a specific niche, e.g., making a comedy skit and the latest happenings around campus, etc.

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YouTube has about 2.3 billion active users monthly; this can become a powerful way of making money online. So, consider becoming a YouTuber.

10. Sell notes online

As a Ghanaian student, you can sell notes online and make tons of money from them. All you have to do is locate the right selling platforms and upload fancy or colouring books along with a price tag that can attract thousands of buyers. If students download your book, you get paid. It is important to note that these platforms take a significant percentage for marketing your notes.

11. Write and publish a Kindle ebook

This is another simple way to earn passively and consistently as a student. Amazon has over 197 million people worldwide that purchase digital products from its online store. You can write and publish an ebook on any subject with the Amazon Kindle store and make money from it.

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If you are asking, “How can I make $100 a day online?” Publishing Kindle books is one of the answers. You are paid in foreign currency, and your book is global.

12. Virtual assistant

Another legit method of earning from the internet as a student in Ghana is to become a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are people that help big companies perform some major assignments without becoming full-time staff. One of the advantages of this business is that you can do it remotely, and you are paid in foreign currency at the end of the month.

13. Websites and app testing

You can engage in a money-making venture during your spare time in the classroom by engaging in beta testing of websites and apps. Thousands of companies are creating new websites and apps to provide user-friendly platforms. You can earn a few bucks by giving them feedback on the user experience and other areas.

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How to make money online in Ghana
Forex is one of the legitimate ways of earning online, though it has its level of risk. Photo: @kanchanara,
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14. Trading bitcoin

While several Ponzi schemes have defrauded many people of their hard-earned money, bitcoin is a legal means of earning. In addition, bitcoin cryptocurrency allows you to trade digital currencies for other assets. Nonetheless, you will need a basic knowledge of crypto to start trading bitcoin online as a student.

15. Making voice-over

This is one of the best ways to earn, especially for female Ghanaian students who want to make money online. This online usually involves marketing your voice for online projects like animation videos, voice instructors, commercials narrators, video games artists, and storytellers. Google the popular voice-over job boards and pitch brands for gigs.

16. App development

With programming, you can earn money fast in Ghana. However, this requires several programming languages like Java, Python, C++, Visual Basic, JavaScript, and PHP. With these skills, you can promote yourself and work for clients developing apps and earn from them.

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17. Dropshipping

Another fantastic way for students to generate money online is to start a dropshipping business. Dropshipping is all about receiving orders online and then picking them up at the nearby supermarket and delivering them to the owners. With this business, you can meet your immediate needs and save a lot of money.

18. Online graphic designing

You may work remotely and make money online if you have extraordinary graphic design skills. There are various graphic design job sites where companies and individuals hire great designers to create logos, flyers, and banners for them.

19. Run Facebook ads and Google AdWords for people

You can learn how to run Facebook ads and Google AdWords to promote other businesses. This is a good side hustle for students who want to focus on their studies without the issues of finances disturbing them. In addition, you can run specialised ads for blogs, websites, and social media platforms.

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20. Data bundle reseller

Consider being a data bundle reseller if you want to know how to make money online and get paid through MTN mobile money. This way, you can build a brand for yourself and make a lot of profits for doing less. For example, data bundle resellers help people pay their electrical bills, DSTV/StarTimes/GoTV subscriptions, sell airtime, and send bulk messages.

As a student, life might be challenging when money is scarce. This is why learning or researching how to make money online in Ghana can be worth trying out. But, irrespective of your decision, the beautiful thing is when you work and study simultaneously, things may get better.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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Irrespective of who you are, there are time-proven ideas you can execute in Ghana legitimately and make some cash. As published on, whether you are a student, homemaker, or unemployed person, there is an idea that can work for you.

The post shares some workable ideas that you need very little or no resources to start. Check it out to learn more on what to do to increase your earnings.

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