Ghana Integrity Initiative Says Corruption Is Going To Persist In Ghana For The Foreseeable Future

Ghana Integrity Initiative Says Corruption Is Going To Persist In Ghana For The Foreseeable Future

  • Executive Director of GII has bemoaned the pervasiveness of corruption in Ghana
  • According to Mary Awelana Addah, till some tough actions are immediately taken to stem the canker, corruption will be in the country for the foreseeable time
  • She noted that its pervasiveness in politics is a threat to the country's democracy

The Executive Director of the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), Mary Awelana Addah, has bemoaned how commonplace corruption has become in the country.

According to her, the impunity with which corruption is practiced in this country is troubling and is undoubtedly going to persist for a very long time.

Ghana Integrity Initiative Says Corruption Is Going To Persist In Ghana For The Foreseeable Future
Collage of Mary Awelana Addah and bribe. Sources: Citinewsroom/Dennislaw
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She noted that the pervasiveness of the social canker and the lackadaisical attempts to combat it are best experienced during electoral periods when politicians and electorates actively buy and sell votes callously.

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Speaking on JoyFM’s Super Morning Show on February 28, 2024, Awelana Addah, noted that the issue is becoming complex, as people discover new ways to cheat the system for their profit.

“Corruption is becoming a multi-faceted monster that is increasingly changing faces, and people are using all sorts of means and ways to ensure that they are benefiting from the system," she noted.

She revealed that following an engagement with youth in Tamale it became acutely apparent that it was about time the issue was addressed head-on to prevent citizen’s disenchantment with the government’s inaction on corruption to implode.

Politicians and their failure to tackle corruption

According to Awelana Addah, despite their many protests, the political class have refused to take any action on the monetisation of politics in the country.

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She noted that recent discussions have pointed to the fact that some political figures may be receiving funds from criminal groups, among others, thus endangering the country’s democracy.

The symbiotic relationship developing between politicians and criminal gangs, she feared could lead to grave consequences for the country and has called for immediate action.

“We elect people into power who are sitting there not able to make decisions on our behalf. They make all the promises that when they get into power they will do a lot of good things for us, but then reality strikes them because they have to repay people who did a lot of wrong things to get them in power,” she said.

A Ghana Centre for Democratic Development has revealed that some political players are being funded by galamsey kingpins, hence, the inability of the state to effectively uproot the menace from the country once and for all.

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Ghana makes no progress in corruption index reported that in the latest Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) Ghana has failed to make any progress.

In fact, the country has been stagnant for the past four years, Transparency International reports.

Ghana scored 43 out of 100 and ranked 70 out of 180 countries in the latest index.


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