Ghanaian man Kofi Barnes who won GHc196,000 with GHc1 Reveals his Desire is to Build a shop for his Mother

Ghanaian man Kofi Barnes who won GHc196,000 with GHc1 Reveals his Desire is to Build a shop for his Mother

  • After winning GHc196,000 in sports betting using only GHc1, a young Ghanaian man, Kofi Barnes, has revealed a major heart desire he will fulfill
  • According to the lucky young man, he will finally be able to purchase an entire shop that would be owned by his mother
  • Kofi's story has inspired and warmed many hearts on social media and has gathered what some Ghanaians have been saying

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Kofi Barnes, the gentleman from Ghana who was able to win a whopping GHc196,000 using a paltry GHc1 has revealed one of the heart desires he wishes to fulfill with the money.

In a recent tweet, Kofi Barnes indicated that finally, he will be able to get his mother a shop of her own, which appears to have been on her wish list for such a long time.

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Kofi also added that his mother has always been praying hard for him to succeed as he also expressed gratitude to SportyBet, the betting platform which he says changed his life.

Happy Ghanaian man
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What Ghanaians are saying about this

After reading the emotional account, below were some comments shared by Ghanaians on social media.

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@isaacnyame637 mentioned that:

Anytime I thinking of stopping betting then I start dey see great testimonies. Hmm

@DavidCommey8 opined that:

They didn’t change your life. You changed your life. Edo aa. Drop the codes some for here.

@kwadwokanyee indicated:

Seriously I know this guy paaaa oh!!! We spent one Christmas together paaa with some girls bi two years ago, Kobi remember? Can we do it again this Christmas my guy.

@iamdynamique commented:

The different risks you took by staking your money on bets changed your life NOT sporty bet

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See the post below

How it all happened

As reported, the young man in Ghana identified on Twitter as Kofi Barnes had a life-changing experience after winning a whopping GHc196,000 using just GHc1 in sports betting.

Kofi Barnes initially caught the attention of social media users when he tweeted that he had won a huge amount of money but his slip was deleted by the betting company he used.

However, a few days later, he came to confirm that the betting platform had paid him the amount he won which was exactly GHc 196,093.

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