American Lottery: 4 Reasons Applicants Might Be Denied Visa To US Despite Being Selected

American Lottery: 4 Reasons Applicants Might Be Denied Visa To US Despite Being Selected

  • The 2025 US Diversity Visa Program commenced registration on October 4 for people to register for a US immigrant visa
  • Persons selected in the DV programme will get US permanent residency, also known as a green card
  • highlights four reasons applicants may not get to immigrate to the US despite winning the lottery

The 2025 Diversity Visa Program opened for registration on October 4 to enable people from countries with low US immigration rates who satisfy the eligibility requirements to register for a chance to apply for a US immigrant visa.

The programme, run by the US State Department and will end on November 7, 2023, receives applications from millions of foreign nationals worldwide.

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4 reasons applicants might be denied visa to US despite winning American lottery. Photo credit: theafricalogistics/Nick Dolding.
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Winners in the DV lottery programme will receive US permanent residency, commonly called a green card. The US government will issue about 55,000 green cards to successful applicants.

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According to The Africa Logistics, the program aims to increase the number of people from nations with historically low US immigration rates. looks at four reasons an applicant might not immigrate to the US despite winning the DV lottery.

1. Unsuccessful visa interview

After being selected, select dinners will undergo rigorous visa interviews at US embassies in the countries to assess their eligibility to visit the US. Consular officials will pay close attention to the accuracy of the information on the DS 260 visa form and compare it to the supporting documentation.

Contradictory facts like marriage details and a severe criminal record may result in a visa denial.

2. Unable to meet financial obligations for the green card processing

Winning a green card does not automatically mean that you will enter the US. Expenses for the DV lottery include a visa fee($330 per person) and a medical fee between 300-400$. A successful applicant will also need a passport and ticket and pay a full green card fee of about $200 per person.

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Also, if the successful person doesn't have a host in the US, the person must arrange lodging, which will not be inexpensive.

3. High case number

Lottery winners are given case numbers, which provide an approximate timeline for inviting them to a visa interview. The likelihood of being offered a spot for the discussion and, thus, of being admitted to the US decreases as the case number increases.

About 55,000 permanent residence visas are up for grabs in the lottery. In contrast to an applicant with a case number of 5,000, the person's chance of being invited for an interview is slight if the person's case number is 100,000.

4. Ineligible country

The programme only accepts applications from nations with less than 50,000 residents who immigrated to the US in the previous five years.

Former visa officer appeals to parents not to conceal information about their kid when applying for American Lottery

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Previously, reported that a former Visa officer, Lissa, admonished applicants, particularly parents who apply for the Diversity Visa lottery, popularly known as the American lottery, to be careful regarding the information they submit.

In a video sighted by on the TikTok page of @the_fred_effect, Lissa explained that many people get disqualified because they are unable to provide the correct answers to some tricky questions or they deliberately fail to make a full disclosure.

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