Ghanaian Man Opens Up About Poultry Farming Business: "I Make GH₵11K Monthly"

Ghanaian Man Opens Up About Poultry Farming Business: "I Make GH₵11K Monthly"

  • A young Ghanaian man has shared the story of how he ventured into poultry farming
  • The young man, Selase, said that he got inspired to go into poultry farming after watching a video on YouTube
  • Selase, the CEO of The Poultry Project, said he makes a profit of GH₵11,000 monthly from selling fowls and eggs

A young Ghanaian man has shared an inspiring story of his journey into poultry farming.

The young man identified as Selase said he was motivated to venture into poultry farming after watching some videos on YouTube.

Ghanaian man opens up about poultry farming business
Selase, the CEO of the poultry project Photo credit: The Chartered Farmer/Youtube
Source: Youtube

He said the videos he watched inspired him to convince a friend to partner with him in his first poultry farming adventure, starting with 100 broiler birds.

He said that after seeing how profitable the business was, he decided to go fully into it but with a different approach, brooding 350 layer birds.

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Selase, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Poultry Project in Accra, says poultry farming is a very lucrative business with high profit margins.

In a video sighted by on the TikTok page of charles_antwi26 Selase disclosed that he makes about GH₵11,000 per month from his poultry farming business.

"Why I love it is, it gets to a point where the birds take care of themselves. After that first four, or six months, you are not investing any of your money again, Once the bird lays and you sell the eggs, you use that money to buy ffeed, and medicine. It takes care of everything," he explained.

Netizens say poultry business is not everyone

Netizens who chanced on the video of Selase's interview with charles_antwi26 said that the poultry business is not for everyone because of the risk involved.

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A few of the comments are compiled below.

hotproductsmarket said:

"I think you would do newbies good if you add the cost aspect and the risk."

Brian also said:

"Tbh, poultry business isn’t easy as it seems oo… much is involved."

joe commented:

"I want start this business but my mum is scary me."

Emir_Douglas also commented:

"Sankofa layer mash feed helps boost eggs production."

pastoremmanuelina has this to say:

"People are just looking at de profit, don't enter any business hastily... Have time to try the business first with wht u can lose, give time fr ur test dnt conclude early."

Poultry farmer in tears after seeing 100 chickens lifeless

In a related development, reported earlier that a young farmer has broken down in tears after losing about 100 birds on her farm.

In the video shared via the popular app, TikTok, the lady cried uncontrollably as she filmed the dead birds on the floor.

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Social media users have penned down emotional reactions regarding the video with many advising her on what to do.

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