Ghanaian Shares How She Became Homeless Months After Arriving Abroad: “I Snitched On My Dad"

Ghanaian Shares How She Became Homeless Months After Arriving Abroad: “I Snitched On My Dad"

  • Harriet Oppong, a Ghanaian in Australia, was brought by her father but later thrown out for revealing his infidelity to her mother.
  • Despite her father's insistence on secrecy, she felt compelled to disclose the truth, leading to emotional distress and estrangement from him.
  • Harriet's story underscores the complexities of familial relationships and the toll of betrayal and dishonesty.

Harriet Oppong, a Ghanaian residing in Australia, shared her harrowing experience of being estranged from her father after revealing his infidelity to her mother.

She disclosed that her father had brought her to Australia but expelled her from his home six months later for divulging his secret to her mother.

In an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Harriet revealed that when her father took her to Australia, he insisted that she keep his extramarital affairs a secret and not disclose it to her mother, who was in Ghana.

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Ghanaian shares how she became homeless months after arriving abroad: “I snitched on my dad"
Harriet Oppong speaking in an interview with DJ Nyaami Photo credit: SVTV Africa
Source: Youtube

However, she explained that she felt compelled to disclose the truth to her mother upon learning of his unfaithfulness.

"I am also a woman, and I would not be happy if the same was done to me. Also, it was not one woman. My father was having affairs with several women. He did not have the decency to keep them outside, but he also brought them home. I felt disrespected. Meanwhile, my mum was in Ghana, keeping herself for him."

Harriet said she was emotionally distressed while living with her father, recounting uncomfortable encounters with his romantic partners and feeling compelled to confront them to leave the house.

This led to a strained relationship with her father, Despite, and she was subsequently ejected from his residence. Ultimately, her strained relationship with her father led to their estrangement, with Harriet admitting she no longer communicates with him.

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However, she expressed her appreciation for her father bringing her to Australia, where she has a better future than in Ghana.

Watch the interview below:

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