Charlotte Oduro: Marriage Counsellor Advises Couples Not To Always Admit Or Confess To Cheating

Charlotte Oduro: Marriage Counsellor Advises Couples Not To Always Admit Or Confess To Cheating

  • Popular Ghanaian marriage counsellor Reverend Charlotte Oduro has suggested that confessing to one's partner after cheating may not always be the best decision
  • In an interview on Okay FM, she urged partners to consider the mental and emotional well-being of their spouses before confessing or admitting to cheating
  • Rev Charlotte Oduro's controversial remarks have ignited reactions from netizens on social media

Ghanaian marriage counsellor and preacher Reverend Charlotte Oduro has opined that it is not always advisable to admit or confess to one's partner after cheating.

During an interview with media personality Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, the preacher explained that couples must consider their partners' emotional and mental fortitude before confessing to cheating.

Rev Charlotte Oduro speaks on marriage.
Rev Charlotte Oduro advises couples to think twice before admitting or confessing to cheating. Photo credit: abeikusantana.
Source: Instagram

Rev Oduro was responding to a scenario about the best decision to take if a wife quizzes her husband about whether or not he has ever cheated on her during intercourse.

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"You must consider the emotional and mental state of your partner before you admit or confess to cheating. It's better to sometimes confess to God to save the situation [marriage]," she told Abeiku Santana.

Rev Oduro, however, mentioned that couples should remain faithful and committed to each other and their marriage.

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Rev Charlotte Oduro sparks reactions

The remarks of Rev Charlotte Oduro sparked varied opinions from netizens. compiled some of the comments here.

Gidovetty wrote:

Something's Dey in life you just take it to the grave ooooo.

Animaboat3 commented:

Hmmmm, a little secret will do.

Gaiseyeliz900 reacted:

Some things are better kept secret.

Johnnkrumah13 commented:

Trusting you was all I had to do to be this lucky, so happy I put my trust in you @yamilethandersonn.

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Counselor Charlotte Oduro recounts her marital problems

In a previous story, reported that counsellor Charlotte Oduro shared personal insights on the challenges she has encountered in her marriage during an interview with Abeiku Santana on UTV's "Atuu" show.

Reflecting on her own experiences, she revealed that her marital journey faced difficulties right from the beginning, with her husband not even spending their wedding night at home.

Dispelling the misconception that marriage counsellors have perfect relationships, Oduro emphasised that they often navigate tough challenges, contributing to the wisdom they share with others.


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