Man Rents Airbnb Only To Find Out The Bathroom And The Bed Are In The Same Room

Man Rents Airbnb Only To Find Out The Bathroom And The Bed Are In The Same Room

  • Years back, when people were travelling to a place they did not know anybody, they booked hotels to stay in
  • However, when Airbnb was introduced some people use that instead of booking hotels which many believe is more expensive
  • People who have used Airbnb have varied experiences of the app and services received by David Holtz experience will shock you

An American professor booked an Airbnb apartment to stay in when he travelled to the UK for vacation, only to realise he had been shortchanged.

When David Holtz got to his Airbnb accommodation, he realised that the bedroom and bathroom were the same.

The only thing that divided two the toilet from the bed was a thin pane of glass. In a tweet, David described the apartment as a large bathroom with a bed. The shower and sink are opposite and adjacent to the slumber pad.

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The Airbnb occupied by David Holtz
David Holtz said the apartment was a large bathroom with a bed Photo credit: @daveholtz Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
“That feeling when you arrive at your Airbnb and realise that the whole space is essentially just a large-ish bathroom that the host put a bed into,” David Holtz.

He has also complained to Airbnb, who promised to investigate the matter.

The official Airbnb handle on Twitter asked David to send them a DM with the email address connected to your Airbnb account for further investigation. But he said he has already spoken to customer support several times, and it seems no one is ready to help him resolve this.

Meanwhile, Airbnb encouraged guests to review all photos, as well as the description and reviews, prior to booking a stay.

Reactions to the post of the strange Airbnb

The post by the assistant professor at the University of California in Berkeley has seen several reactions from other tweeps.

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Read some of the comments below:

@nvictorme said:

What's gonna take for people to finally ditch AirBnB? I know I did 4 years ago. Best decision ever. Never a single bad experience staying at hotels.

@Matt_Gunterman commented:

I’m sure countless people in the comments have already said this but, man, I bet the cleaning fee on this one is ridiculous!

@martymadrid wrote:

Show us the original listing or it doesn’t count … how did they conceal this in the listing photos? That is going to be the most impressive part of it all.

@frogtwitt said:

Don't forget to close the toilet seat for your nightstand functionalities.

@levi_Blackerman indicated:

I wanna know what the listing looked like for the wool to be pulled over your eyes to this degree..

@sixers2022LG said:

This is a disgrace. Is this for real? Wow.

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