How many bitter kola a day is ok for your health?

How many bitter kola a day is ok for your health?

Bitter kola tree is one of the most treasured plants in the country. It has continuously been used to solve several health problems. The best part of it is that it occurs naturally, is easily accessible and does not have to undergo several processes to be consumed. However, too much consumption of something, even bitter kola, can be detrimental to a person’s health. Are you wondering about the amount of bitter kola you should consume in a day? First, let us learn about bitter kola health benefits.

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Bitter Kola dosage

There are several side effects associated with too much intake of bitter kola. It is recommended that a person takes two bitter kola nuts every day. This bitter kola dose is enough to replenish your energy and improve your health.

Should you want to maintain a healthy life naturally, try eating two bitter kola nuts a day. Your medical visits will definitely decrease.

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Is bitter kola good for health?

Yes. Bitter kola contains elements that are used to treat a wide variety of diseases and conditions. Bitter kola benefits include:

To begin with bitter kola helps in curing erectile dysfunction in men. It is believed that, bitter kola elements facilitate supply of blood to the important areas of men thus making it easy for them to erect. Moreover, it increases their sexual performance. Bitter Kola will definitely work for a man who wants to spice up his sex life.

How many bitter kola a day is ok for your health?

Bitter kola also helps to reduce morning sickness in pregnant women during the first trimester. However, they should be consumed moderately and with the advice of the physician.

Bitter kola treats respiratory infections in the lungs and also increases their functionality. Colds, coughs and sneezing can also be treated through bitter kola consumption.

Another benefit of bitter kola is that it treats malaria. In the past, traditional healers used to recommend bitter kola as a medicine of treating malaria. Bitter kola contains quinine which is necessary for treating malaria.

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Bitter kola lengthens the life of a person. Due to its medicinal benefits, a person who consumes bitter kola regularly is bound to live without contracting killer diseases. However, this belief that was common in the past.

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Bitter kola is also an anti-poison. Therefore, if a person consumes poisonous substances, they can chew bitter kola nuts. This prevents the spread of any infection or even death.

Bitter kola can also be used to reduce weight. Once consumed, the metabolism of the body increases. Additionally, it reduces hunger such that a person eats when necessary and does not over feed. As such, a person who exercises should consume bitter kola for best results.

Bitter kola acts as an antibiotic. As such, it can be used to treat many infections. People living with HIV/AIDS are advised to increase bitter kola intake as it helps in fighting the opportunistic infections.

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Other diseases that are managed and cured through bitter kola include glaucoma, arthritis, liver diseases, diarrhea and tuberculosis among others.

Therefore, bitter kola is good for your health. It boosts the overall health such that all parts of the body function properly.

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