Names of orphanage homes in Ghana

Names of orphanage homes in Ghana

The recent statistics according to a research carried on the state of children in Ghana, show rising numbers of orphans. The trend is worrying especially in the urban areas of Ghana where most of the orphans fend for themselves. Although there are orphanage homes in Accra the number of the orphans is overwhelming.

Names of orphanage homes in Ghana

Orphanage Homes in Ghana

Some of them end up succumbing to death due to lack of proper nutrition and health care. They are forced to turn to street kids due to circumstances. They form street families in an attempt to have a sense of belonging and love.

Most of the orphans who are really young really suffer. They get dumped by their parents in horrific places. This has been attributed to the rampant cases of teenage pregnancies and lack of proper families. Some orphans are mistreated by their remaining relatives. Measures have been put in place to help this orphans.

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There are several orphanage homes in the Eastern region of Ghana that take care of them. The orphanage homes provide basic amenities vital for the survival of the orphans. Some of the orphanage homes in Ghana include:

Teshie Orphanage

They are located in Accra and offer assistance to the less fortunate and vulnerable children in the society. They also have volunteer programs where willing members in the society come in and assist in any way possible. They majorly depend on contributions from the central Government of Ghana, well-wishers and donors.

Names of orphanage homes in Ghana
Teshie Orphanage receiving donations

Odiem Orphanage Home

Located along Hampson street in Accra. They take in orphans from the immediate community. The orphans are provided with proper medical care. They get the chance to feel the love and joy of being children. They interact with other orphans and play. They are protected from the cruel early childhood they have been through.

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Osu Children’s Home

They are located in Labone. They rescue orphans from the streets and those living in poor conditions in their homes due to negligence from their relatives. They are given shelter, food and a place to learn. They also get the chance to attend school where they are taught by volunteers from the society.

Village of Hope

Names of orphanage homes in Ghana
Some of the orphans living at the Village of Hope in Ghana

They are situated in Gomoa Fetteh. They take care of destitute children who have been abandoned by their biological parents. They largely depend on donations from well-wishers and charities from religious groups. The funding they receive from the government is not sufficient to cater for the well-being of the children.

Mother of Teresa Christ Mission Orphanage and Charity Home

It is one of the biggest and oldest orphanage home in Accra. It was established in 1994, it was named after Mother Teresa. It is currently expanding its facilities so as to cater for more children. They offer educational facilities to the children.

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Christo Centric Orphanage Home

It is a Christian based institution that attempts to help the orphans in the society. The orphanage home is funded by the contributions of the church members. They are also expanding their facilities in order to accommodate more orphans.

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