Ghana Armed Forces recruitment process

Ghana Armed Forces recruitment process

Most independent states have well established Armed forces, Ghana , in this case is not an exception.Yearly new recruits are admitted into the Ghana Armed Forces .The process of recruitment into th Armed forces is well illustrated to you here:

Ghana armed forces recruitment process

Ghana Armed Forces recruitment 2017-2018

The Ghana Armed Forces is comprised of the Air Force, Navy and the Army. It is committed to ensuring that the citizens of Ghana are well protected from internal and external forces of danger. To promote inclusiveness, the Ghana Armed Forces conducts recruitment annually. Young people are usually advised to apply for the positions to secure employments as well as serve the country.

The 2017-2018 Ghana Armed Forces recruitment for the Armed Forces in Ghana was announced on 24th April 2017. Applicants were allowed to apply online from 8th May 2017 to 31st May 2017.

Applicants are supposed to apply online to show their interest for various positions. However, one can only be considered if they meet the set requirements.

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Ghana Armed Forces recruitment requirement

  • The applicant must be a Ghanaian by birth.
  • They must be above 18 years and less than 25 or 27 years for tradesmen.
  • Must be of desirable character.
  • Their fitness level must match with the fitness standards of the Armed forces
  • Must be single, i.e. not married or bonded to any person.
  • Male and female applicants must have a height above 5’6” and 5’2” respectively. Military police applicants must be 5’9” and 5’7” tall for men and women respectively
  • The applicants must have reached Grade 6 and must have scored not less than 6 credits at BECE in English and Math.
  • Must have attained 5 credits in WASSCE.
Ghana armed forces recruitment process
Training session, Ghana Armed Forces

If you meet the eligibility standards outlined above, visit the Ghana Armed Forces and apply whenever the announcement for recruitment is made. You have to go through a process to determine whether you are fit to join and work in the Army.

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Ghana Armed Forces recruitment process

Upon online application, candidates who qualify are usually informed through a text message. The message alerts the candidates to continue with the process.

Here’s the process you must follow:

Presentation of documents

Upon confirmation that the candidate has qualified, a mass meeting of the candidates and the individuals is held. They have to present their academic and personal documents to prove that all the information they presented online is true. Additionally, the officials conduct a physical inspection on each candidate. For instance, they check the height and general fitness of the individual. Presentation of false documents is highly prohibited and a person found doing so can be sued.

Full body inspection

The candidates are then taken through a thorough body inspection. This helps to ensure that the candidate is in good health and meets the desire figure standards as described by the armed forces. In this process, the officials ensure that the candidates do not have any tattoos on their bodies, varicose veins or excessive mass on their bodies. Moreover, ladies are not expected to have double piercing on their ears.

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Ghana armed forces recruitment process

Intelligence test

The intelligence test, also known as the aptitude test, helps to determine the reasoning and thinking capabilities of a candidate. They are asked questions in an examination set up about how they can handle individual and societal problems.

Outdoor Leadership Test

At this stage, the remaining candidates are organized in teams. They are supposed to expose their prowess in working together to solve problem. Their scores are awarded based on their ability to work as a group with similar interests.

Health Examination

To work in the army, one must be of good health. As such, candidates who have reached this stage must be medically screened at 37 Military Hospital. Each part of their body is checked to ensure that the person meets the fitness standards required by the army.


At this last stage, the candidates meet a panel of military officials who ask them questions regarding various aspects of the army. The candidate must be bold and be sure of what they are presenting to the panel.

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If a person passes all the stages, he is informed to join the Ghana Military Academy.

Remember, all these steps come in the order outlined above. It is recommended that a person should not pay anything to join the army as this will be considered as bribery.

Ghana armed forces recruitment process

Ghana Armed Forces recruitment forms

When the announcement for recruitment is made, individuals are asked to buy the forms of application. They are usually sold at designated places in Ghana .Joining the army is a dream for many youths in the country. As such, people must be always be updated to know when the forms are out for sale. Failure to this, they can miss the opportunity of joining the army.

Through the Ghana Armed Forces e-recruitment, many youths have been able to join the army. At least, people can now access information easily and also apply with ease.

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