Islamic Names in English with Meaning: What Does Each Name Mean?

Islamic Names in English with Meaning: What Does Each Name Mean?

There is power in names and Muslims appreciate this, they, therefore, invest time doing consultations with relatives, friends and even religious leaders to find the most appropriate name for their children. Islam is a religion that dominates the world and most of the Islamic names have very positive meanings, the positivism in a name spells the child’s destiny. In this article, we will list 15 names and explore their meanings.

Islamic names in English with meaning: What does each name mean?

Islamic Names for Boys

Are you about to have a baby boy and you don’t know what name can befit him? Well, as stated above Islamic names boy babies very powerful names that are sweet to ears and summon positive vibrations upon the boy.

Islamic names in English with meaning: What does each name mean?

Here are ten Islamic names of boys.

  • Kahil- This is a very beautiful name for your baby boy. In Arabic, Kahil means a friend or a lover.
  • Ijaz – In Islam babies are considered blessings and miracles from Allah to his children. If you believe your son is a miracle then Ijaz is the name that best befits him. Ijaz means Miracle.

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  • Ghanim- you want your child to be successful? Who doesn’t want that? Well, you can name your boy Ghanim. In Arabic, Ghanim means successful.
  • Omeed- When a child is born, he restores hope for the parents especially when the parents had lost hope in ever having a baby boy. Omeed means hope.
  • Kaisan- This name has a deep religious history as it was the name of one of Prophet Mohammed companions. This name is not only exotic but also means wise.
  • Nadir- what does your child mean to you? If you believe your baby boy is extraordinary then the right name is Nadir. It means extraordinary.
  • Daanish- This name is a beautiful name as it means wisdom. Try it out, your son might hearken to the call to be wise.
  • Javier- This name is not tied to any abstract positive meaning but it denotes the time your son was born. Javier means January in Arabic. It is a beautiful name for boys born in January.
  • Quadir- This name is for boys who are strong and masculine. It might also be used to signify the internal strength of character.
  • Kafeel – Kafeel is a name with a lot pegged on it. It means responsible in Arabic. It, therefore, makes sense to name your boy Kafeel if you want him to be responsible.

Islamic Names for Girls

Girls are blessings from Allah, they ensure continuity of a generation and they grow to be women; helpers and destiny shapers of men. In appreciation of their roles in the society, Islamic names girl babies with very beautiful names.

Islamic names in English with meaning: What does each name mean?

Here are five Islamic names of girls that you might choose for your baby girl upon delivery.

  • Arshi- If you love nature and marvel at the beauty of the first rays of the sun, you can name your daughter Arshi. It means the first ray of sun. This name also means queen.
  • Asmara- Butterflies are a symbol of beauty and are feminine. Asmara means a beautiful butterfly and hence a good name for your baby girl.
  • Farida- If you’ve grown among Muslims or have schooled with them, you must have heard the name Farida. It is such a common name but it has a meaning that will set your daughter apart from the pack. Farida means unique.
  • Habiba- This is not only a beautiful Islamic name for ladies, it also has a deeper meaning that further endears your baby to whomever she interacts with. Habiba means Beloved, Sweetheart, and a Darling. What a beautiful name?
  • Haiza- Doesn’t this name sound sweet; Ha-i-za, wow. This name doesn’t only sound sweet but it also means royalty.

Well, if you are expecting either a boy or a girl, these are just a few names you can choose. Islam is very positive when it comes to child-naming. The list is endless. You can further talk to your religious leaders if you want an especially pious name for your newborn.

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