Ghanaian dresses: How to rock in 2020 (photos)

Ghanaian dresses: How to rock in 2020 (photos)

With each cloth being customized for certain people, they usually carry a message the target people understand. Case in point is the preference of Ghanaian dresses, which varies from one person to another. The variations arise from personal taste, influence; because a celebrity wore the same wear, occasion, affordability among others. Either way, there is enough for everyone in the market. Ranging from different materials, designs, colors and themes, here are the Latest Ghanaian dresses to rock in 2020.

Latest Ghanaian Dresses

Among the year’s resolutions, elegance is top of most people’s list, especially women. What are the Latest Ghanaian Dresses to Rock in 2020? The Ghanaian dress fashion has undergone a complete transformation and more people are seeking to catch up on what’s trending. We shall explore the kind of dress that will make you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons; the real hit.

The Current Ghanaian Dress Fashion

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Ghanaian fashion dresses have evolved over time in a commendable manner. The rise of Printex, Woodin and Akosombo textiles in Ghana are to thank for this as materials are now varied and readily available, giving designers a chance to get more adventurous. Among the most popular fabrics for Ghanaian dresses are; Ankara, kitenge, dashiki, Kente and Batakari. The Ghana fashion combines tradition with modernity to bring out the most magical look and feel.

Ghanaian Dresses Styles

So far, Ghana is proudly home to the production of high quality dresses. Not only is the material manufactured there, but also the Ghanaian African wear styles are created and actualized by Ghanaians. It is entirely a Ghana affair. The different styles of design available are maxi dresses, peplum fashion, short dresses, head-wraps, trousers and shorts among others. It all depends on what you want.

Sampling the Latest Ghanaian Dresses

With the respective Ghanaian fashion dresses pictures attached, find out the latest dresses in the Ghana fashion market.

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Traditional Dress

Ghanaian African Wear Styles

The designs on this cultural costume are not random. Traditional African print dresses have a specific fabric and patterns that carry a meaning to its people. In Ghana, the woven fabric hasn’t been forgotten and most people prefer to keep its heritage with little or no alteration done.

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Kente Dresses

Ghanaian Dresses | Kente Dresses

This is a colorful hand-woven fabric with bright colors and wide designs. Though a traditional dress, Kente cloth has become quite popular in modern Ghana. To those who know its history, the symbolic meaning is quite a determinant of when, where and how they wear their Kente cloth. In a nutshell, the colors and finished patterns carry the following meanings;

  • Red – blood; strong political and spiritual feelings
  • Purple – Earth; healing
  • Blue – sky; harmony, peace, good fortune, love
  • Green – plants; growth and good health
  • Silver – moon; purity and serenity
  • Gray – ashes; spiritual cleansing
  • Black – aging; strong spiritual energy, the spirits of the ancestors
  • Pink – calmness, tenderness, and similar qualities
  • Yellow – yolk of the egg; some fruits and veggies; holy and precious things
  • Gold – wealth, royalty, etc
  • White – white of the egg; white clay used in some rituals; healing; purity
  • Maroon – Earth; mother; healing and protection from evil

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Ankara Dresses

A brightly colored garment with shouting patterns, Ankara is very similar to Kente except that it has no traditional meaning attached to it. It’s the most popular as the designs can blend with almost every attire imaginable. Spread throughout Ghana and beyond, Ankara always gets it right.

Vintage Dresses

Ghanaian Dresses - Vintage Dresses

Not all people conform to African wear in Ghana. A percentage does vintage; basically a reproduction of a well known design from another era. Vintage is done mostly by celebrities to associate to a legend in their line of expertise. Most second hand clothes imported into the country are also vintage.

Dashiki Dresses

Dashiki Dresses - Ghanaian Dresses

Previously, a men-only attire done with a brimless cap by the Islamic community, the dashiki has become another thing in Ghana. Its unique pattern is used to make lovely unisex shirts and dresses of all heights. Dashiki themed jumpers are the new trend.

Kitenge Dresses

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Kitenge Dresses - Ghanaian Dresses

Kitenge dresses are the most expensive African garments.Worn by everyone including kids, it’s a dress shared by the whole of Africa identifying them as one people. It could be waxed Kitenge or just ordinary Kitenge print.

The Batakari Dress

Ghanaian Dresses - Batakari Dress

Adorned with beautiful colors, the Batakari is made of soft fabric and a flowing gown. It has regular patterns that identify it even when used with different colors and designs.

Evident in the Ghanaian dresses pictures; the trendiest women have a piece of fashionable African wear on them. Whether as a complete look or complementing a pair of trousers or shorts, an African touch gives a simple, unique and stylish combination to rock your 2019.

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