High Divorce Rate in Ghana: Statistics and Causes

High Divorce Rate in Ghana: Statistics and Causes

We are living in an era of disposable; disposable plates, diapers, syringes and even disposable marriages. This unconscious conditioning of our minds has been the leading cause of many divorces in Ghana and the sad part is that we do not know that this is even happening in the first place. As sad as this is, the good news is that we can salvage this situation once we are aware of the causative factors. Read on to get to understand the high divorce rate in Ghana and the reason behind their occurrence in the first place.

High Divorce Rate in Ghana

Divorce is the separation between two people who were joined together in holy matrimony. Traditionally it was a taboo in any community for weds to divorce regardless of the causative reasons, not anymore. Currently, the rate at which couples are divorcing is alarming leaving many to question the existence of the marriage agreement in the first place. In Ghana things are no different. The following article explains the high divorce rate in Ghana and its causative factors. Read on to find out more.

Divorce Rate in Ghana- What You Need to Know

For a long time, divorce is one of the words that have been seldom used in Ghana the main reason behind this being the fact that the traditional Ghana was so keen on marriage. In Ghana the customary marriage ceremony and institution was according the utmost respect and both parties committed themselves to it. Currently this norm does not exist. The rate at which marriages are breaking in Ghana is alarming both the society and the state.

High Divorce Rate in Ghana

Divorce Rate in Ghana 2017

Ghana is a fast developing nation thanks to the influence of the western world. When it comes to development, this country has adopted both the positive and the negative effects of westernizations. Unlike in the formative years, divorce is not a taboo anymore in the country and what is saddening still is the fact that the divorce rate in Ghana is fast catching up with that of the western nation. While in some cases, the divorce happening is called for, in most cases they are as a result of preventative reasons and causes as we will find out later. The current divorce rate in Ghana is over 4000 ever year. Statistically, this is not something to write home about if the Ghanaian population is anything to go by. However high the statistics of divorce rate in Ghana are, this situation can be mitigated with the right help and attitude from individuals. The following are some of the causative factors for the high marriage divorce rate in Ghana.

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High Expectations

One of the reasons for the high divorce rate in Ghana and the world at large has always been high expectations. Both parties; the gent and the lady get into the relationship with certain perceived expectations usually derived from movies or from observing a friend’s marriage. When certain things are not met then the marriage will be filled with disappointments which ultimately will lead to divorce.

Causes of High Divorce Rate in Ghana


Not only marriages, lie have the power to destroy anything. Most of the divorce rate in Ghana has been caused by lies from either. Regardless of how ugly the truth is, the best option to saving your marriage in Ghana is saying the truth. Establish a truth and work on it to the end in order to avoid future divorce cases.

Poor Communication

The point at which you are not free with your better half on anything is the starting point in the decay journey of your marriage. Many Ghanaian marriages have been killed by lack of communication according to marriage counselors. The sad reality of the matter is that this even happens where there is no secret in the first place.

Verdict: Rate of Divorce Cases in Ghana

Rate of divorce cases in Ghana has slowly awoken a big national and regional debate. With divorce being a remedy to any wrong taking place in a marriage, a lot has been left to question on what the direction the society is taking when it comes to upholding its morals and more so family values. All is not lost though. With the help of professionals and leaders, we can save ourselves and our families from the decay that we are facing and build a coherent and healthy society with less divorce cases, but first let’s start by addressing the above divorce cases we have as a country.

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