Ghana Fashion vs Nigerian Fashion

Ghana Fashion vs Nigerian Fashion

Where there is fashion, there is always competition. This is the best way to prove the value of the fashion sense of individuals, by setting it against other fashion senses. As much as each and every country has its own fashion sense, there are some unique aspects that can be compared to each other or better still, be used to rate in the 1-10 fashion rate scale.

Ghana Fashion vs Nigerian Fashion

Here, we are going to compare the fashion styles in Ghana and those in Nigeria to see, which West African country is stealing the show?

Fashion in Ghana

Who does not just love Ghana fashion? You might have interacted with some of the African print styles made in the country and some of the lace and Kaba styles and have seen how impressive they might be. Ghana fashion designs are known worldwide to be very impressive. What the Ghanaian fashion designers do with these materials is just out of this world. Looking at the pictures of the latest fashion designs in the industry, we will affirm that this is true. Famous designers like Sima Brew and Afriken put in their all when it really does come to the representation of the fashion in Ghana.

Ghana Fashion vs Nigerian Fashion

These designs have been so dominant that they have been known and appreciated on the international scene. Dashiki’s and African print dresses were the in dress codes on the world’s premiere of the much awaited Black Panther with the main man T’chall doing a fabulous one. We see that the fashion of Ghana does not just come about that easy. Having some of the best schools in the continent, the best fashion we can very well see where it does come from. Ghana fashion schools like the BlueCrest school of fashion produce a high number of high rated graduates that do well in complimenting the fashion industry to completion. That being just an example of some the schools, we can easily deduce where it is from that they get their edge over their fashion competitors.

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Fashion in Nigeria

Moving on to their Nigerian counterparts, things are not any different. We must accept that Nigerians are fashion moguls in their own unique way. It is not hard to spot a Nigerian even on the international platform. Nigerian fashion has also hit the scene hard, giving their Ghanaian counterparts a run for their money. It is common knowledge that though the materials are same (kitenges, Ankara’s etc.), the end products are virtually the same, a result of the difference in the nature of the Nigerian fashion designers and those of Ghana. Looking at the latest Nigerian fashion dresses it is indisputable the spectacular work of these designers.

Ghana Fashion vs Nigerian Fashion
Modern Nigerian Fashion

With over 100 new styles let out for the year 2017/2018, these fashion designs are meant to blow you off. No lying, the dashiki designs and the Kaba and the slits done in the Nigerian way are just but dashing. Fashion in Nigeria has taken down a new path. It is not only to steal shows but to also knock their fashion competitors off the radar in this quest.

Ghana Fashion vs Nigerian Fashion

We cannot agree less that the Nigerian fashion styles and the Ghana fashion styles are somewhat different but in the same line of promoting their own cultures. I am still stricken on which side to lie on. Have you decided?

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