The Biggest Mall in West Africa

The Biggest Mall in West Africa

There are a lot of ways to spend your free time. What better way is there than to do it at the mall hanging with friends and family? But what is a mall with the size of a normal supermarket?

The Biggest Mall in West Africa

Malls have taken the world by storm and it comes absolutely as no surprise when galactic malls are born. When we talk big, we might as well say colossal, those that can make you get lost inside it. For the West Africans, there are a couple large malls but today we are going to look at the largest mall in West Africa.

What is the Biggest Mall in West Africa?

In order to rate this, we should look at a couple of things including the parking space, stall capacity, and such facilities. This title goes to the newly opened West Hills Mall. Built on an impressive 27,700 square meter land, the mall has exquisite features that ensure it remains to be the largest. Located in Dunkonah, in the western part of Accra, the mall boasts of having the biggest and the largest facilities in the region. It has an underpass bridge that allows top class access to the shopping center and that also serves to reduce immensely the human-vehicular traffic that was experienced in the Accra Mall. Built on a cost of $93 million, the mall hosts more than 65 line of shops and is majored by two supermarkets. The mall that is owned jointly by Delico Property Development Limited and the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) attracts thousands of customers on a daily basis. The 4.3 of the 5-star mall is also among the largest in the continent. The mall is anchored by the Shoprite mall, The Palace, and Edgars. The Edgars is a well-known retailer of clothing and is known to give excellent service. The location that was chosen for it was just perfect since it does reign in a fast-growing suburban residential area. It ensures a calm serene atmosphere, comfortable enough for shopping. However, the mall that was opened in October 2014 has been refurbished to another 7000 square meter space. Seriously, which mall compete West Hills in West Africa?

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The Biggest Mall in West Africa

As much as the West Hills is the largest mall in West Africa, there are a pretty number of others which are as large.

List of the Biggest Shopping Malls in West Africa

West Africa harbors some of the largest malls in Africa. At the top of the list, the best five we have are:

  • The West Hills Mall (Ghana)
  • The Polo Park (Nigeria)
  • The Accra Mall (Ghana)
  • The Sea Plaza (Senegal)
  • The Marina Mall(Ghana)
The Biggest Mall in West Africa
Sea Plaza Mall

As much as you would like to look at them in depth, all they have are basically the same. The most stunning infrastructure, the best service providers with the Shoprite being the most common of them all. They too all have the largest area of coverage in the order of their descent.

The Biggest Shopping Mall in West Africa

As we have seen, the title that is owned by the West Hills Mall is definitely deserved by it. As we had said earlier, the investment that is put in this biggest shopping mall in West Africa is outright great and puts it great on the map of greatness.

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