UK visa application ghana: 2020

UK visa application ghana: 2020

There so many updates of a couple of amendments requirements for a person in need of visiting United Kingdom (UK). The Ghanaians, who are in need of a secured document to travel peacefully to UK, will find the article helpful. This is because they will be equipped with the new UK regulations and requirements.

Apply for UK visa in Ghana

Requirements for UK Visa Application in Ghana.

Before you are granted a UK visa, you have to be aware that you cannot exceed your visit to more than 6 months. A proof is needed to give them a guarantee that your stay will not exceed that period. You need also to provide evidence that you are financially able to get accommodation for yourself on your arrival and get a flight back to your country Ghana.

Where to Apply for a UK Visa in Ghana

Keep in mind that there are quite a number of UK offered visas. They include business, tourist, family visitor, student, and transit. This means you need to be clear on what you will be visiting UK for and include your period of stay there. Find the UKBA (UK Border Agency) in Ghana and carry with you your original and copies of your documents.

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These documents include:

  • A prove that you are truly from Ghanaian
  • Your health conditions certificates
  • A passport that has blank leaf to insert your visa
  • Your marital status certificates
  • They need a HM quality passport photo
  • All your travel documents
  • Occupation or a student document

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Apply for UK visa from Ghana online.

UK embassy in Ghana visa application form is available online. All you need to do is to visit the visa4uk website and create an account. Your fill the form click the UK visa forms in Ghana download and you print it to put your signature. You will receive an automatic application number via your email for GWF reference. Attach all you documents both originals, copies, and mail them online to the High Commission.

Apply for UK visa in Ghana

How to Apply for a UK Student Visa in Ghana.

As a student, you can only be given a visa if you prove that your intentions are to purse a full degree course in UK. This is because there do not offer a visa for a part-time student. Once you receive your CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies), you can embark on your application. The interesting bit is that you are given a maximum of 20 hours permission to work as you study.

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Fee Charges for a UK Visa.

As a Ghanaian, you should be aware that there is a charged fee to get a visa. How long you will last in UK will determine you paying fee and each off your document on various factors. The visa securing process last for an approximate time of 6 weeks. You need to be given vaccinations for TB, Hepatitis B, and in a specific Accra hospital referred to as International Organization for Migration Clinics.

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