5 serious social problems in Ghana and their solutions

5 serious social problems in Ghana and their solutions

Have you been following the news? Our society is ridden with social problems. I am not talking of the minor social issues, I mean, the kind of problems that if not taken care of, our nation’s prosperity may go down the drain.

5 serious social problems in Ghana and their solutions

Social problems facing Ghana

If you have recently watched the current news, you will certainly realize a pattern relating from some of the major social problems that are in Ghana. One thing about the current social problems in Ghana is that they form a chain since one leads to the other. If we don’t find an amicable solution to some of these problems, they will affect our prosperity as a nation.

Some of the current social issues in Ghana can be blamed on the Government and part of them can be blamed on ourselves. Also, modern lifestyle has taken a toll in creating some of these issues.

5 serious social problems in Ghana and their solutions

List of Social Problems in Ghana

We have gathered some examples of social issues in Ghana. We have gone a step further to offer practical solutions to the social problems facing Ghana.


It is not only a major social problem in Ghana but the rest of the continent. The gap between the rich and poor in Ghana is so wide. This has been attributed to the high levels of corruption. This has also led to the rampant cases of hunger among most Ghanaians. The poor economic growth rate of Ghana has also led to the increasing levels of poverty. The resources in the country are being misused to the point that the remaining resources can’t satisfy the rest of Ghana.

It is up to the Government to form preventive measures to curb corruption in Ghana. Once corruption has been dealt with, it is up to them to form policies concerning equitable distribution of resources to all Ghanaians. They also need to really allocate resources to education sectors in order to generate skills to help boost the growth of the economy.

5 serious social problems in Ghana and their solutions

Youth Unemployment

It has become common to see many of our youth loitering around due to lack of employment. Many have lost themselves in vices such as theft, betting and alcohol. We also have graduates with the relevant skills tarmacking with no hope of finding employment. High cases of unemployment in Ghana causes the stagnation in the growth of the economy.

In order to solve the menace of unemployment, the Government needs to finance technical institutions in Ghana. This will provide skills to the youth who will be empowered to start their own businesses and stop depending on getting hired. A youth program fund should also be initiated to fund start-ups businesses for the youth.

5 serious social problems in Ghana and their solutions

Food Security

Food production is one of the major social security issues in Ghana. With the ever-growing population, it has become an issue to feed the entire country. We have recently seen in the news, the rising cases of hunger and starvation in different parts of the country.

The change in climate patterns is another catalyst of social problems in Ghana that has really affected the food production in the country. The dry weather conditions experienced has led to huge loss of agricultural produce.

The government needs to fund irrigation programs across the country since we can’t depend on the rain. We need to come up with convenient ways of storage of agricultural produce for future use in times of drought. Farmers need incentives such as cheap fertilizers in order to motivate them to plant more. The future of food security in Ghana lies in the hands of farmers.

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5 serious social problems in Ghana and their solutions


We can’t sit around and pretend that the current infant mortality rates in the Ghana are not caused through abortion. Many abortion cases are now witnessed even in schools leading to school drop-outs. The youth are engaging in risky and unprotected sexual activities leading to unwanted pregnancies. Due to the harsh economic situation, they are left with no choice but abortion.

The Government in conjunction with NGOs needs to create awareness on importance of sex education to the youth. They also need to introduce modern family planning methods to control the cases of unwanted pregnancies. Sex education needs to be introduced as a subject in all learning institutions.

5 serious social problems in Ghana and their solutions

Ethnicity and Tribalism

Ghana is blessed with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds all integrated as one. However, the cases of tribalism have threatened the peace in Ghana. We are in the wake of tribal wars that struck the country leading to death of many people and destruction of property. Tribalism is being practiced even in our work places and even politicians, and it has become a major social problem facing Ghana today.

The Government needs to set up policies to control cases of tribalism. Tribalism needs to treated as a criminal offense which is apprehensible by the law. All perpetrators of the vice need to face the full extent of the law. The peace of and prosperity of Ghana depends on the relation of all Ghanaians and not only tribes.

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