Oil and gas companies in Ghana

Oil and gas companies in Ghana

Oil and gas are major drivers of the Ghanaian economy, imagine the catastrophe if all our oil barrels drained even for a day! However, this is not all it entails, the oil and gas industry also offers transportation, pipeline and infrastructure. Moreover, the industry is made up of different companies and some do not only deal with oil and gas.

Oil and gas companies in Ghana

The oil and gas companies in Ghana trade entails a number of sectors. The industry has a number of services to offer including supplying mats for oil rigs, serving transportation, pipeline and infrastructure. Between the year 2011 and 2015, Ghana has earned more than $3.208 billion from petroleum. This amount of revenue was generated from the production of 161.7 million barrels of crude oil. As a result, oil and gas companies have come up in Ghana due to the availability of the natural resources. Noteworthy, most oil and gas companies in Ghana; explore, distribute in bulk, market and a few trade in oil.

Oil and gas companies in Ghana

Oil marketing companies in Ghana

Marketing is a process whereby the producer educates the consumer on the essence or benefits of buying their product. In the same breadth, it necessitates; advertising, sales promotions and public relations. Since oil and gas is among the revenue generating sector, there are a number of oil marketing industries.

They include; Lubricants Supplies Ghana Ltd. which is a distributor of Castrol lubricants in Ghana. Second, Ghana National Petroleum deals with crude oil and petroleum products. Third, Oteg Oil Company Limited is an oil marketing company in Ghana that supplies residual fuel for boilers and other industrial activities. Fourth, Radiance Petroleum Limited is an oil marketing company in Ghana. Lastly, Total Petroleum Ghana Limited that retails its products to Ghana and worldwide.

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Oil and gas companies in Ghana

Oil companies in Ghana, Takoradi

Takoradi is a twin city with sekondi in Ghana. In Takoradi, there are numerous oil companies namely; Shell Ghana Ltd, Total Petroleum, Ghana oil Co Ltd, Oando Ghana Ltd, Tropic Gas service and Tema oil Refinery Ltd. The list of oil companies in Takoradi, are similar to the oil and gas companies in Ghana.

Oil drilling companies

In order for one to extract oil, they have to drill underground. Oil generates income in Ghana by creating employment opportunities for the people of Ghana. However, the formation of cartels in the business has led to exploitation. Secondly, drilling of oil has led to negative consequences to the environment through pollution. This has affected marine life. Oil drilling companies in Ghana include; Bayfield Oil services, Eni Ghana petroleum and exploration, Rig world International Services Ltd, and Geodrill.

Oil and gas companies in Ghana

Oil exploration companies in Ghana

Oil exploration occasions call for interested party to seek and discover new crude oil or oil wells and gas fields, consequently bringing them to surface for trading. Kosmos energy is an international oil exploration company. It discovered Jubilee oil field. Erin Energy, situated offshore Nigeria has a license for exploration in Ghana. Lastly, Tullow Oil has presence in Africa and South America. It is an oil and gas exploration company.

Bulk oil distribution companies in Ghana

Oil is a natural resource in Ghana. Both companies and individuals have the freedom to explore oil and gas in accordance with the law. Therefore, there is a rise in both small and large scale producers. The large scale producers distribute their products in bulk. The companies include; Bulk Oil storage and Transportation Company, Vihama Energy is a bulk oil distributor company in Ghana. Cirrus oil Services limited; Fueltrade ltd and Ebony oil are also bulk distributors of oil in Ghana.

Oil and gas companies in Ghana

Oil trading companies in Ghana

Oil trading is a form of investment where parties engage in trading of futures and forwards using crude oil as a basis of their contract at a future date for purposes of gain. The oil related companies have created oil trading companies for investment purposes. As stated earlier, the oil and gas companies in Ghana offer a variety of services. The companies that trade as oil trading companies in Ghana include; GIG energy, Kwamoka Energy, Cirrus oil services, Ebony Oil and Canal oil.

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