Who is Shatta Wale father?

Who is Shatta Wale father?

Shatta Wale father, Mr. Charles Nii Armah Mensah Snr, is a Ghanaian politician, businessman, and legal practitioner. He has affiliations in Accra and Volta Region area. In as much as his son has outshone him in popularity across the media airwaves, he still has his better portion of fame around Ghana. He even has a fancy nickname; Shatta Capo!

Who is Shatta Wale father?

For a man with all the titles Shatta Wale father has, it can be difficult to stay at home and tend for the family. Nonetheless, Shatta Wale father shook all the distractions and availed himself for his son, which he continues to date, serving under the capacity of Shatta's advisor.

Who is Shatta Wale father?

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Charles Nii Mensah Snr biography

Shatta Wale parents divorced when he was still young. He even admitted that he did not get enough of his mother’s love. In a short youtube video, Shatta pointed his parents divorce to pastors. Even though there have never been clear reasons why they parted, Shatta Capo took good care of his son.

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He introduced Wale into reggae music that has now become his genre in the entertainment world. Shatta Wale reminisces how his father used to play reggae music from time to time and he gradually found them interesting. What propelled his enthusiasm, even more, was when they would also visit his Jamaican relatives in the UK and learn more about reggae and dancehall in general.

what work does Shatta Wale father do
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Always keeping a low profile regarding personal life makes the biography of Shatta Wale father rather difficult to ascertain. Unlike his son, he is an ‘old school’ kind of a person and hence not really flaunting his wealth or life on the social media. That is if at all he is active in this modern era of rampant internet usage.

Generally, Shatta Wale’s father keeps his affairs simple, though it’s a fact that he is one of the people in the country with a significant wealth. Like any other parent, he provided his child with the best education by taking him to one of the best prestigious schools in Ghana. He envisioned his son to be a lawyer. Well, obviously his visions were not that clear enough. Though this does not mean he is in any way disappointed in his son for following his own path.

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father of Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale’s controversies

For those who may not be really familiar with Shatta Wale, also known as Bandana, may be excused for being in the dark. He is one of the well-talented musicians who is usually involved in every controversy. Not a day would pass without Shatta Wale’s name being mentioned in the showbiz hullabaloo.

The disputes range from his career, attitude, family as well as friends. Just recently, he roared how he would never view Wizkid as superior to him. All those Ghanaian artistes who acknowledged him as a bigwig were, in no doubt, subservient. According to him, Wizkid who is one of the greatest African artists with a weighty reputation across the globe is rather a colleague. He affirmed has the talent, mansions, cars, money, and investments just like Wizkid. He would highly prefer if Wizkid views him as a superstar instead.

Who is Shatta Wale's father

Well, just like any other story, this statement did not sound very well among the members of the public who hailed Wizkid. So many artists and fans went to the social media for a backlash at Shatta Wale. Nonetheless, this has never stopped him from being provocative and outspoken. His arrogance and rabble-rousing attitude have made him to be branded ‘Tupac of Africa’, 50 cent, Vybz Kartel as well as FloydMayweather of our continent.

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Public speculations

His actions have caught the attention of prominent personalities including pastors. In particular, various religious prophets and pastors have predicted that Shatta’s journey in this world soon come to an end if he does not repent. While some simply emphasize that by July 2018 he would have been dead. He would probably commit suicide due to frustrations, they envision.

This has made Shatta Capo so frustrated and even decided to seek the services of Criminal Investigation Department to scrutinize those allegations and whether his son’s life may be in danger. It's from such protective and caring acts that made him trend on the internet, with only one question circulating around; who is Shatta Wale's father

Father’s pride

Shatta Wale father and mother may not have their personal lives smeared in the media as their son’s, but they are still defensive and proud of their boy. Despite there being critics, he is still one of the best musicians in Ghana.

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Who is Shatta Wale father?

Shatta Capo revealed at son’s birthday that by the time Shatta Wale was a teenager he could spot a musician in him. He had an artistic way of doing things including how he wore his uniform. Though they had a bad relationship by then because of schooling and academic performance, they are now closer than ever.

Shatta Wale father's name has recently been in the media ever since he proclaimed Ebony’s death was not God’s Plan. Ebony who was Ghana’s rising star in this competitive music industry and a member of Shatta Movement met her untimely demise on a road accident. She was close to Shatta Wale and consequently known by Shatta Capo.

According to the father of Shatta Wale, he had heard her song just the previous night before waking up to the gruesome news. He was shocked and confused. He, therefore, sought divine intervention and realized that it was not God's intention for her to part with this world. Anyway, while people were still curious to find out whose plan it was, he simply extended his condolences to the family and Shatta Movement and left the inquisitive minds without any clue.

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This is not the only incident that has been on the radar, as Shatta Wale and father together confronted the ‘fake’ pastors who claimed Shatta’s would be next in passion on, after his friend Ebony.

Who is bandana Shatta Wale father

Without hesitation, Shatta Wale has given the pastors until December 2018 to ascertain the validity of their prophecy. After which, him accompanied by his movement is set to destroy all those churches trying to tarnish his name.

His father, on the other hand, is never tired of amusing the public. He expressed his disappointment in the pastors, before stating that God would have revealed to him if those allegations were true even before Shatta Wale was born. Being the father, he had all the right to know. But all these time there has never been any sign from God

He vehemently condemned the actions of those ‘fake’ prophets who want to make a name for themselves by ruining his son’s image. They chose to put fear into people’s minds by prioritizing on the negative side. They ought to have consulted with him as well as his son on their new finding so that could plan ahead of time. He made this statement during an exclusive interview with Prince Tsegah on Hitz FM.

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charles mensah Shatta Wale father

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Mr. Charles Mensah’s politics

Aside from the showbiz storms, Shatta Wale’s dad has also been very active in our country’s political heat. He contested for chairmanship slot of the Ablekuma South Constituency in the Greater Accra Region. He had picked forms for the National Democratic Congress constituency elections.

But just like his son, he found himself at the center of controversy once the panel vetting him learned that he had once been imprisoned for impersonating former first lady’s signature, in a letter that he was circulating. Well, seems like there is no much difference between father and son, as far as debates and disputes are concerned.

Shatta Wale's dad

All the same, Charles Mensah Shatta Wale father reinforced his prominence by being the Chief of Ngleshie Amanfrom. He was given a stool as a symbol of leadership in a position that was tightly contested. For people who were still unfamiliar with him, took it to the search engines with one inquiry; who is Bandana Shatta Wale father.Though there is an unscrupulous accusation against his positions, he never seemed to worry nor being concerned as much.

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Shatta Capo is indeed the best father Shatta Wale could ever have. He has defended his son through thick and thin as well as ironing out relations with people that Shatta may have offended. Being his son’s financial advisor, he is so good at it.

Shatta Wale father pray for me is one of the hit songs addressed to all the churches. It really received massive airplay while topping the charts. With his father’s guidance, Shatta Wale reveals a soft and peculiar side of him in this religious song.

Therefore, other than being a politician or financial advisor, for people asking themselves; what work does Shatta Wale father do, would be glad to know that he is a father!

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