Top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Ghana

Top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Ghana

Pharmaceutical companies in Ghana play a huge role in stabilizing the health care sector. They carry out research on production of locally produced drugs. They also have a role in ensuring effective discovery, development, production and marketing of drugs that are used in the country for medication.

Top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Ghana.

The pharmaceutical industry in Ghana is regulated by the Government and fall under the Pharmaceutical Members Association of Ghana.

We have gathered a list of pharmaceutical companies in Ghana which are have been registered by the Government to offer medical solutions in terms of manufacturing drugs.This is in order to help you understand better about the pharmaceutical companies in Ghana.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Ghana

1.Tobinco Pharmaceutical Limited

Rated among the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Ghana. They take pride in producing locally sourced solutions in the pharmaceutical industry through distribution and marketing. They also engage in evaluation and investigation of the side effects of their medicine during the trials phase to ensure the safety of their drugs for human consumption.

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2. Danadams Pharmaceutical Industry Ghana Limited

The award-winning company ranks among the best pharmaceutical companies in Accra. They invest in time and energy of people to create solutions stemming from wide research and experience over the years. Their main mission is creating a healthy Africa by becoming a leader in research and manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry with quality assurance on all their products.

Top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Ghana.

3. Natural- Scientific Pharmaceuticals Ltd

The company aims to create health solutions through the use of the natural resources mixed with scientific research. They offer natural products that aids in the treatment of various ailments such as toothache, oral sores, sinusitis and chronic catarrh among a host of other ailments they offer solutions to.

4. Aidcom Ltd

The company is located in Kumasi, Ashanti. They are equipped with modern day technological equipment used to carry out research on health solutions. They are involved in carrying out research on the side effects of the drugs on human health. They offer some wide range of products that give solutions to various diseases in Ghana.

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5. Alhaji Yakubu Herbal Company Ltd

Located in Kumasi, Ashanti. They are involved in carrying out research backed with modern day technological advancements to create products that have been monitored in terms of side effects on the human health. They also carry out clinical testing though the phase of clinic trials to check on the effects of their products.

Top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Ghana.
Aryton Drug Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Source: UGC

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6. Aryton Drug Manufacturing CO. Ltd

The company is located in Tesano, Accra. They have a close relationship with the immediate health sector in order to provide personal solutions to some of the medication issues suited for patients. They also carry out regular clinical trials before launching any of their products. They offer a wide variety of products that cure a wide variety of diseases.

7. Cima Pharmaceutical Ltd

The firm is located in Lashibi, in the Greater Accra region. They have been licensed to carry out research on different diseases in Ghana in an attempt to develop solutions to the problems. They have a well trained and experienced staff. They are also supported through the technological advancements they have made in the pharmaceutical industry.

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8. Goldleaf Pharmacare Ltd

The firm offers quality assurance on all their products which have been tested to offer solutions. They have a wide staff including pharmacists, chemical engineers and developers who work in collaboration to produce quality products with no side effects to the human health.

Top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Ghana.

9. Health Concept Pharmaceutical Ltd

The company is focused on improving the health care of all Ghanaians through technological advancements to provide medicine. They work in conjunction with major health parastatal in the country by offering clinical trials of their products to patients. The also carry out close monitoring of the progress of the products on the human health.

10. King David Pharmaceuticals

The company is located in Kumasi, Ashanti Region. They are involved in in-depth analysis and research of some of the health problems faced in the Ghana. Armed with a vast knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry, they produce tailor made products that cater for the specific needs of all Ghanaians. They also carry out clinical trials to monitor the outcomes of their products on patients.

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