UCC courses and cut off points 2020

UCC courses and cut off points 2020

The University of Cape Coast, which is located in Cape Coast, is one of the leading universities in Ghana. it offers a diversified curriculum with different courses in the fields of; arts, sciences, education and business related courses.

UCC courses and cut off points 2017/2018.

Education courses carry the bulk of the admissions in the university with an estimated 40% of graduates who come from UCC being from the Education disciplines. You might be wondering, Why are the education courses so popular? Well, you might get your answer looking through the different courses offered at UCC and cut off points and you will find out that the education courses seem to have a higher standing in the courses offered as they have been offered competitive cut off points. Talk about a college that values education.

What is a “cut off” point(s)?

Cut off points are the minimum points that you are required to have attained in order for you to be accepted to pursue a certain course. If you do not reach the minimum cut off points required for a certain course, you will not be allowed to do that course.

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So if you are interested in joining a university and UCC is on your list, why should find out of the UCC programs and cut off points? Why put emphasis on UCC cut off points? It’s simple, they enable you make your decision based on your eligibility status and help avoid a situation where you chose a course you are not qualified for and get rejected.

In this article, In addition to looking at the programs offered, we will try and look at the cut off points for UCC 2020.

It is important to note that cut off points for UCC courses offered differ with gender. The university offers some courses that have a lower cut off point for females as compared to cut off points required from the males (https://ucc.edu.gh/section/cut-points#)

UCC courses and cut off points 2017/2018.

UCC courses and cut off points 2020

When looking at the University of Cape Coast courses and cut off points, we will classify them into two;

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  • Courses with different cut off points
  • Courses with different cut off points

Courses with similar cut off points

Business courses

  • Bachelor of Commerce;
  1. Finance option (15)
  2. Accounting option (12) 12
  3. Human Resource Management option (20)
  4. Marketing option (20)
  5. Procurement & Supply Chain Management option (17)
  6. Management option (17)

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Bachelor of Arts

  1. Social Sciences option (25)
  2. Population & Health option (26)
  3. Anthropology option (28)
  4. Arts option (33)
  5. African Studies option (30)
  6. Linguistics option (26)
  7. Film Studies option (33)
  8. Communication Studies option (19)
  9. Theatre Studies option (28)
  10. Music option (28)
UCC courses and cut off points 2017/2018.

Bachelor of Science courses.

  1. Biochemistry option (15)
  2. Nursing option (11)
  3. Entomology & Wildlife option (28)
  4. Biomedical Science option (19)
  5. Information Technology option (19)
  6. Computer Science option (21
  7. Optometry option (11)
  8. Industrial Chemistry option (23)
  9. Water & Sanitation option (28)
  10. Physics option (27)
  11. Engineering Physics option (27)
  12. Environmental Science option (29)
  13. Forensic Science option (25)
  14. Laboratory Technology option (20)
  15. Medical Laboratory Technology option (15)
  16. Chemistry option (27)
  17. Mathematics option (29)
  18. Actuarial Science option (14)
  19. Mathematics with Economics option (19)
  20. Tourism Management option (32)
  21. Hospitality Management option (20)
  22. Agro-Processing option (34)
  23. Psychology option (20)
  24. Mathematics & Statistics option (28)
  25. Statistics option (27)
  26. Meteorology & Atmospheric Physics option (27)
  27. Mathematics with Business option (19)
  28. Agricultural Extension option (30)
  29. Agri-Business option (29)
  30. Fisheries & Aquatic Science option (30)
  31. Bachelor of Education courses
  32. Food & Nutrition option (30)
  33. Social Sciences option (14)
  34. Accounting option (13)
  35. Science option (23)
  36. Clothing & Textile option (30)
  37. Physical Education option (34)
  38. Early Childhood Education option (25)
  39. Mathematics option (19)
  40. Computer Science option (28)

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UCC courses and cut off points 2017/2018.

Courses with different cut off points

Bachelor of education courses

  1. Management option- males (15), females (16)
  2. Arts option – males (18), females (19)
  3. Social Studies option – males (18), females (19)
  4. Basic Education option – males (23), females (24)

Bachelor of Arts courses

  1. Geography & Regional Planning option – males (18), females (19)
  2. Bachelor of science courses
  3. Agriculture – males (32), females (33)
  4. Molecular Biology & Biotechnology option – males (28), females (29)

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