6 reasons why Ghana should avoid Independence Day celebrations

6 reasons why Ghana should avoid Independence Day celebrations

More often than not, some celebrations have their roots firmly steeped in history.

Events that are of national significance are usually traceable to the early days of the country, and are held to commemorate significant activities that shaped the present, and ultimately the future.

What would it take for a nation to break from a routine and try something new?

YEN.com.gh brings to you 6 reasons why there could be an urgent need to take a second look at the rationale behind the Independence Day celebrations in Ghana:

1. Politicization of the event

Over the years, every government has sought to mark the day with activities that may be interpreted via political lenses.

A speech read by the president of the nation may be understood via a myriad of ways.

The sense of nationalism needs to be infused into the programme, so that all Ghanaians, devoid of their political leanings would appreciate their nationality and resolve to team up with others for the good of the country.

President Akufo-Addo speaking to an audience
President Akufo-Addo

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2. Funding

The question of funding, has in recent times, become an albatross around the neck of every government that celebrates this unique day.

Once the current administration is able to answer all piercing questions concerning the budget drawn for the event, Ghanaian hearts and minds may rest a bit, knowing that all that is planned is indeed in the interest of the nation.

Ghana cedi notes

3. Security

In recent weeks, security has become a major issue in Ghana. Recent reports of robberies and murders naturally makes a substantial number of Ghanaians feel unsafe.

For the government to announce that the budget for the celebration would be diverted towards the acquisition of state of the art equipment for the security agencies, may give Ghanaians a reason to feel safer in the country.

A group of police officers

4. Health and Sanitation

Without a shred of doubt, Ghana continues to battle with the issues of health and sanitation. What if the government decides to dedicate Independence Day to a nationwide agenda to rid the country of filth?

Traders surrounded by filth

5. Education

For several years, school children are tasked with the duty of marching on Independence Day. The outcry raised against their roles often become an annual ritual.

With the onset of the Free Senior High School (SHS) programme, a decision to invest more in the educational sector may be the good news Ghanaians have been waiting for all these years.

A group of school children

6. Employment

Unemployment remains a national challenge to Ghana. An opportunity for qualified people to find the relevant jobs would be a welcome idea.

In that respect, a nationwide strategy to improve the chances of employment of Ghanaians, by providing training and skills development may the welcome relief a cross-section of Ghanaians are craving for.

A man wearing a suit

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