How to download torrent with IDM in Ghana

How to download torrent with IDM in Ghana

Have you been looking for easy ways to download torrent with IDM? Well, look no further, we’ve offered the various ways to download your favorite torrent without much hassle using IDM. If torrents are your most preferred way of downloading files on the internet, then you certainly need a process that guarantees efficiency. For years, the only way torrent users got to download their files was via a BitTorrent client software. These torrent networks didn't always guarantee the best download speeds. You can take advantage of the IDM’s download acceleration tool to download torrents through IDM faster without the need to use the client software.

How to download torrent with IDM
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Before we dig into how to download a torrent file in IDM, let's understand the world of torrents and how it’s different from the traditional method of downloading files from your favorite online site.

The fundamentals of torrents

The torrents are small files that hold details that will allow one to download large files that may include music, movie, E-books, Videos or just Images. If you were to download any file from a website that supports downloading, you’re basically sourcing that content from their servers. How is that different with torrents? Well, torrents are a form of peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing protocol. What this means, is that files are shared directly between users (who can be either seeders or leechers in torrent terminology) in a BitTorrent network, rather than from web site servers.

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Within a torrent network, the leecher is the user that is currently downloading the file while the seeder is one who possesses a downloaded file ready for uploading. Unlike in the usual way, where a whole file is downloaded all at once, torrent files are usually split and then downloaded in small ‘bits’ from different seeders, in a process referred to as “swarming”. As Lifewire claims; this way downloading is accelerated and in most cased speed averages 1.5 megabits per second.

Although this will not be applicable during the process of downloading the torrent via IDM, it’s still important to learn how the conventional way of downloading torrents has always been done; its pros and cons.

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Due to the nature of Bit torrent protocol, some standard procedures are usually common to enhance usability and safety in a space and an era where online content might be laden with malware or viruses. As a precaution most torrent client software (platforms that enable downloading of torrents) usually scans the files for malicious or harmful viruses before they get hosted or available for downloading. Torrent clients with good reviews include qBittorrent, Vuze, uTorrent, BitTorrent etc.

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The torrent client utilizes a torrent tracking service necessary to oversee the transfer of these torrent files between peers. This tracking software does the role of filtering and flagging down corrupted, dummy files and malicious content. It’s also tasked with the all-important function of scouring through the torrent network and identifying target files requested. The convenient way it does that is to locate different seeders with the same file(s) the user wishes to download.

The torrent files are usually extracted from torrent search engines. They usually range from average 100kb in size. The most popular torrent search engines are The Pirate Bay, RARBG, and ExtraTorrent. Assuming you have already installed the torrent client software, a simple click on the torrent file will redirect you to the client software where the details of the larger file being shared are available for you.

Another thing to pay attention is copyrighted content. Some movies or music might be copyrighted and sharing them might amount to a violation of intellectual property right. Most torrent content is, however, free and safe for distribution. The issue of copyright infringement by torrents protocol is still a debate that continues to rage and create legal issues globally. As Fortune reported film companies are losing millions in revenues after their content finds its way into the hands of internet users who don’t pay a penny in return.

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How to download torrent with IDM – The different methods
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Recently you may have noticed that apart from getting a torrent file from BitTorrent server, you will be provided with a magnetic link. These magnetic links are a game changer in the torrent network protocol. But what are these magnetic links and the obvious benefits they come bearing? To start with, Magnetic links contain details embedded into it including a unique hash code that allows you to download the file immediately since the tracking software won’t need to process the hash code or tracker unlike it was with .torrent files.

The tremendous benefit of magnetic links has offered some leverage to users of peer-to-peer networks. This has come to the rescue of Bittorrents sites that for years have been blamed for providing space for sharing of content subject to copyright protection-since the torrent sites won’t be hosting links to copyrighted content on their servers, it becomes hard to point fingers at the sites for violation of any law.

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The icing on the cake is the ability to utilize these magnetic links to download the file the link to using non-torrents tools. Since a magnetic link has all the requisite information mandatory to authorize a download then it's possible to use ordinary download managers like IDM or FDM. It’s pretty simple-just upload or pastes the magnetic link in IDM, select the file output and hit the download button.

IDM is a recognized fantastic file Downloader that features tools that enable the download of large files at extremely fast speeds with a comparison to other download platforms.

Downloading Torrent Files with IDM

Several advantages exist when you decide to download torrent directly to IDM:

  • IDM has a download accelerator tool that does boost download speed by more than 5 times.
  • The lengthy scrutiny that did exist with torrent client software is a thing of the past.
  • You only need a magnetic link. No additional software or files.
  • You can configure a proxy in IDM to bypass network restrictions prohibiting download of torrent files.

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To actually download any file you will either need a .torrent file or a magnetic link. Both will work well with IDM. The download speeds are not pegged on the number of seeders as it was the case when using torrent download managers.

Before learning how to convert torrent files to direct download using IDM, you need to have .torrent files which are available in many torrent sites. It’s impossible to download a file by simply uploading the torrent extension to IDM. The proven way is using online tools or websites to generate the download torrent file (link) from the .torrent file we upload to them. Below are the best sites to download torrent with IDM:

1. Zbigz

It’s one of the best sites that offer a convenient way to download torrent with IDM. Premium users get to enjoy unlimited files download with very high download speeds.

Steps to use Zbigz to download torrent files

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  • Go to the website and create a free or a premium account.
  • Have you torrent file extension ready.
  • Click on upload .torrent and upload the .torrent file. Click on GO.
  • Be patient while the catching of your file is in progress. Once it’s done, click on “transfer” button.

If you have installed IDM, the file should begin automatically. If you haven’t, the default browser, the download manager will download it for you.

2. tool is precise in how to convert torrented file to IDM free in a matter of seconds. You can also upload your torrent magnetic link. The limit download size of torrents is 1GB.

Here are the steps to use to download torrent files

  • Sign up by creating an account with social media accounts like Facebook or Google plus.
  • On the site page, click on “download torrent”.
  • Select torrent for your desired link or paste a .torrent link from a torrent site.
  • Click on “download” option.
  • Copy the link and paste it on IDM for download

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3. BitPort

One of its outstanding features is that it offers users the ability to download torrents to their cloud storage. You can stream the videos later at your convenience. Download of files when offline or your devices are off is possible. Here are the steps to use Bitport to download torrent files

  • Go to the Bitport and register for a free account
  • Copy .torrent file or magnetic link from your torrent site and paste it on the site.
  • Bitport will then upload them to the server.
  • Catching process will begin and once it’s done a download link will be made available.
  • Select the link and choose the location for the download.

4. Torrent Handler

Torrent handler is one of the trusted and fastest ways to download torrent with IDM. One of the most amazing thing about the Torrent Handler its will function without input required from external software. It promises secure downloading.

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Here’s how to use Torrent Handler to download torrent files

  • Go to the website
  • Upload your chosen .torrent file.
  • Wait as caching takes place.
  • Fill your email address as required.
  • Once the file has finished caching process the download link will be sent automatically be reflected on your Mail.
  • Click on the link and download it via IDM.

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5. Boxopus

It offers free services plus affordable premium plans which offers a way to download torrent directly to IDM or to your Dropbox cloud space.

Here are the steps of using Boxopus to download torrent files:

  • Open from your browser.
  • Use your email or Facebook account to sign up.
  • Click on “browse” and then upload your .torrent file.
  • Wait as caching of your file occurs.
  • Once the site is done with caching, download direct link of your file will be available.
  • Click on it and choose the preferred download manager - IDM

Unlike torrents links that require being converted to downloadable file links, magnetic link to direct download is commonplace since they contain the data necessary for retrieving the download file. Although some online tools also double up as .torrent converters that generate a different download file link from the magnetic link, it’s not necessary. To get a magnetic link option in IDM will take you just two major steps-Getting the link on a torrent search engine and then generating a download lead on IDM using the same link. The convenient way to convert magnetic link to IDM is as below:

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Look for a reputable torrent tracker like Pirate Bay and search the file you wish to download.

Head to that page that normally displays downloading torrent file and looks for a button called “Magnet Download”.

Click on that option, and new pop-up window on your browser page appears with texts as your IDM magnetic link to your download file.

Copy the link and paste the IDM magnetic link and Select download potions and save the file to your computer.


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