Tuxler VPN: Download free VPN for Chrome, PC, Android

Tuxler VPN: Download free VPN for Chrome, PC, Android

Sophisticated technologies with amazing capabilities are dominating the internet, and it seems like online privacy is no more. With trackers tracking your every move online, concealing your identity such that you can browse anonymously has never been more important. Data mining tendencies are too common, with numerous platforms having such vulnerabilities. And what are they looking for you might ask? Your online persona is a goldmine to advertisers and hackers are out to get you as well, so hiding your identity using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a great step towards online privacy. Tuxler VPN affords users the capability of surfing the internet without borders. It is up to you to download the software and substantiate the claims.

Tuxler VPN
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They claim to be the first-ever "community-powered residential VPN" meaning it can be essential when you are looking to bypass geographical restrictions. But is the VPN service a worthy contender in the massive collection of VPN service providers in the market.

The majority of internet users go for VPN services to encrypt web traffic so that they can keep their data safe and secure. Therefore, when you download Tuxler, you will be availing yourself such heightened security measures for anonymity online. Are you wondering if the software is the specialist at this?

What is Tuxler VPN?

You have likely encountered various pop-ups online promising a guaranteed and whooping 50% off your first purchase of a VPN service. Of course, since it is your first time, you are hesitant to take the deal and wondering whether the so-called feature-rich and privacy-motivated service is real.

True, VPNs are made to offer online privacy, but remember, not all are made equal – some are mediocre while others offer the best anonymity and privacy online. Tuxler VPN falls into this humongous heap of Virtual Private Network service providers, battling it out to dominate the multifaceted space. If you are still wondering about the need for a VPN, then your online privacy is likely compromised.

A VPN creates a private internet connection using a public connection applying encryption technologies that protect a user's data and identity. This means that all your online activity is untraceable or if possible, it will take the searcher a very long time to get your real identity, which is not worth it at all. After all, they don’t even know who you are.

Tuxler VPN is a residential VPN service provider that provides clients with both free and premium plans. This means that the service provider routes a user's internet traffic via a residential IP address of real Internet Service Providers assigned to people. The technology makes sure that clients do not utilize commercial IP addresses, but residential ones, making it more conducive for people looking to spoof their identities and bypass geo-restrictions.

Tuxler VPN features

Tuxler VPN
Image: facebook.com, @tuxler
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Before you go for any Tuxler download, it is integral that you familiarize with the platform’s features to know if it is appropriate for you. Other than the random residential IPs available for users every month and access to millions of locations, how does downloading Tuxler VPN benefit you?

  • Tuxler possesses more than 70,000 random proxies that free and premium subscribers can access every month at their comfort. The platform utilizes sophisticated architecture to ascertain that all proxies are random. Therefore, their IP addresses are always unblockable.
  • Tuxler VPN’s proxy pools refresh periodically to make sure that they always work in the best way possible. All proxies are exclusive to the VPN’s network.
  • All IP addresses are residential.
  • Tuxler VPN is a 100% free service that any user can utilize for as long as they desire. The service gives users unlimited bandwidth.
  • Works on Windows operating system and MAC

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How to download Tuxler VPN and install

The VPN is easy to install and utilize. The software is available on the official website, but before clicking the download button, you have to choose whether you desire the free or premium version. You can install the software utilizing the following steps:

  1. Visit tuxler.com to access the download page.
  2. Choose your preferred Tuxler version. You have the free and premium package side by side with all the features to easily compare.
  3. Click “download” to access the software.
  4. If you settle on the premium version, you will have to complete all the payment details, including your data. The free version does not require you to do anything else after clicking the "download" button.
  5. For the free version, the download stores in your computer, and you can begin the installation process immediately.
  6. If you chose the premium version, you are going to receive a welcome email with a download link for the software. Allow the set-up wizard to complete after initiation of the installation process and fill in your log in details.
  7. Once everything is ready, you can open the VPN and start using its features. After you have already chosen the desired location, you ought to receive a notification that you are connected and ready to surf.

Tuxler for Chrome

Tuxler VPN
Image: facebook.com, @tuxler
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One can download Tuxler after installing the chrome extension for an added layer of security. But how can one download Tuxler for Chrome? It is simple and straightforward.

1. Open the Chrome browser and head to the app store.

2. Search for “Free Residential VPN |Tuxler” on the search tab.

3. Click “Add to Chrome” located on the right side of the page to install the extension in your browser.

4. Once you download and install Tuxler VPN for Chrome, it will lead you to the installation page for the actual Tuxler VPN software as it needs it to work. However, if you already have it installed, you can start to enjoy encrypted browsing right away.

Tuxler platforms

Currently, Tuxler VPN is only available for Windows and Mac computers. And one can use either of the above processes to install the software in their desired device. According to their website, Android and iPhone user ought to expect the application in the respective stores soon.

You have probably been looking for the ultimate VPN service for the longest time, and with so many providers online, it is hard knowing the legitimate ones and quacks. Tuxler VPN is a reliable ally if you are looking for a simple Virtual Private Network to conceal your online identity.

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