GES promotion portal, forms, results

GES promotion portal, forms, results

Ghana Education Service made a significant millstone when they introduced the GES promotion portal. The portal has significantly helped worthy candidates to apply for different ranks with little to no difficulties. Nowadays, interested candidates can find all they want in one place. Well, if you are planning to use one of their services, then you might need to consider reading this guide to the end.

GES promotion portal
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Each year, candidates seeking higher ranks in their various teaching posts make an application using an online portal offered by the commission. Most end up being successful, while others do not. Primarily, some fail because they do not follow the instructions to the latter. Thus, to be among the successful ones, you ought to understand how to use the portfolio.

About the GES promotion portal

GES promotion gov gh is a government resource that is used to help qualified teachers to rise in their ranks. Often, candidates rely on it for application forms and letters. After applying, candidates are supposed to check back to know their fate. However, it is advisable to understand that the process is based on someone’s capabilities to handle assigned tasks in their current positions.

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Below are the ranks available in the GES portal (superior to inferior status):

  1. Director General
  2. Director
  3. Assistant Director I
  4. Assistant Director II
  5. Principle Superintendent
  6. Senior Superintendent
  7. Superintendent II
  8. Superintendent I
  9. Teacher

How to obtain GES promotion forms

ges promotion forms
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Often, most of the documents can only be found on the portal. The process can only be initiated by purchasing an eVoucher. Here is the process:

  1. Click on Purchase “eVoucher” on the top of the page
  2. Select "Click to Purchase eVoucher for Promotions Only."
  3. Continue by keying in your staff ID then click the green “Verify” button
  4. Fill all the mobile wallet details or, better yet, select "Pay with Vodafone Cash."
  5. Proceed to your phone and pay the amount instructed on the website
  6. Enter your phone number, followed by your full names as they appear in your academic credentials.
  7. Hit submit after confirming the credentials are correct
  8. Back to the website, input the phone number used to make the purchase followed by a transaction ID sent to your phone
  9. Finally, submit the credentials to get access to the forms

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Fill the form accurately and confirm the details before submitting them. One mistake can cost you a lifetime opportunity. Once you ascertain everything is okay, submit it to for review by the team.

Note: You are only required to pay GHS5.

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Process of downloading GES promotion letters

If you need a GES promotion letter, you are required to download one form the portal. However, you cannot have a letter without purchasing the eVoucher. Therefore, below is a simplified guide to help you with the process:

ges promotion results
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  1. Open the link on your browser to get access to the portal
  2. Hit the "Click to Purchase eVoucher for Promotions only at GHS5"
  3. Fill all the details correctly like you did when downloading a promotion form and submit
  4. When you receive the code, after paying, sign in by keying in your staff ID followed the eVoucher codes sent to your phone
  5. Hit "Submit", and there you will figure out your application status by downloading the letter

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Better yet, you can use an offline method to purchase the eVoucher. Here is how:

  1. Dial *170# on our phone
  2. Select “Playbill” and send
  3. A new message will pop-up on the screen with many options. Choose option 6, “General Payment” and send
  4. You will be directed to another page requesting you to make payment. Enter GHS5 and send
  5. Insert your name as the preference
  6. Confirm the details and enter your MTN password
  7. Lastly, a message will be sent to your cell phone with the transaction ID

GES promotion results

Be sure to answer all the GES promotion interview questions accurately as they will also determine your fate. Like all the other promotion activities, checking results is as easy as ABC. It is important to start by purchasing the eVoucher. Follow the same process to obtain the transaction ID. After that, you will be able to access the list of promoted candidates. Scroll down the list to see if your name is present.

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Indeed, the GES promotion portal has made the lives of Ghanaian teachers seeking promotion easy. Unlike in the past, they can now use the portfolio to accomplish most of their activities online. With this information, I hope there will be no more trouble finding application forms and letters.

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