GIJ registration online 2018-2019

GIJ registration online 2018-2019

Established by the first President of Ghana Kwame Nkrumah in 1959, the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) is the country’s public university accredited by the National Accreditation Board. The institution attracts expert speakers and lecturers as well as students who are ready to work in the media and communication field. Thus, those who succeed in completing GIJ student registration get the opportunity to learn from practitioners and peers. Here’s all the info you need with regards to GIJ registration.

GIJ registration guide for 2018-2019

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Why You Need to Hurry for GIJ Registration Online

GIJ is conveniently situated at Ringway, Osu, near the major business center and government ministries in Accra. These include National Theatre, Parliament House, main sports stadium, and Accra Conference Centre that enable the students to seamlessly cover a broad range of events. Even before initial GIJ registration of students, the institution was established purposely to develop patriotic journalists who could gather for the need of African continent emancipation.

Since it started its operations, GIJ is now a fully fledged media training institute with university status. It has also embraced modern technology to make GIJ registration online process more convenient for students from across the continent and beyond. Moreover, it comfortably handles the challenges and responsibilities presented by latest tertiary status. GIF is also administered by an executive board of management, academic board, and other committees, departments, and units.

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Steps to Easily Complete GIJ Registration 2018

GIJ registration 2018 forms can be downloaded from the University’s website for both undergraduate and postgraduate qualified applicants. Once you have confirmed your qualification, you can proceed to apply. For registration GIJ GH apply start process, you need a deeper knowledge of how to successfully once you have got the details and requirements. The following steps are crucial for GIJ registration if you want to join this modernized university:

  • Pay the required application fee at any branch of Fidelity Bank and provide your telephone number and complete name.
  • You will be given your number for application at the bank that identifies you as a registered student.
  • Visit the University’s registration website for online registration GIJ that will take you the shortest time possible to complete.
  • Submit the application forms that you downloaded from the website of the Institute by following the prompts on the admission site.
  • Remember to attach the payslip for the registration payment with your completed application forms.

What Next After Completing GIJ Online Registration?

Now that you have downloaded, filled, and submitted the application form, what remains is to wait for the letter of admission that will give you the requirements and details. You are ready to join the journalism institution of your dream. You, however, need to understand how you can maximize your GIJ online registration. To begin with, be ready to be trained in the techniques and skills of mass communication, public relations, journalism, and advertising. You will also enjoy organized lectures, seminars, classes, research, exhibitions, practical training, and seminars in all dimensions of mass communication and journalism.

While the institute obtained its presidential charter in 2009 to become a university, it currently offers Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication studies. This comes with the option to major in either Public Relations or Journalism. There are various diploma, certificate, and degree courses to choose from for GIJ registration GH that are tailored to make you an expert in your field of study.

Courses Available at Various Levels for GIJ Online Registration 2018/2019

The courses that are available for GIJ Online Registration 2018 to 2019 include the following:

  • Diploma in Communication Studies - This programme consists of social sciences, communication, and arts subjects. It offers a great opportunity for students to grow in their communication areas of specialization. Notably, the graduates can proceed with their studies to higher levels or serve as professionals in areas like radio, television, wire service, on-line journalism, public relations, newspaper and magazine journalism, marketing, and advertising.
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies - This programme provides a concentration of courses focused on the media blended with arts education and social sciences. Also available for applicants seeking GIJ registration online from different parts of the world, the degree programme in Communication Studies is tailored to enable students to merge the arts and sciences study areas with practical and theoretical communication studies. Additionally, this program is well-strategized to give the undergraduates an expert choice in either public relations or journalism.
GIJ registration guide for 2018-2019

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Consequently, all the students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies get a chance to pursue Broadcast and Print Journalism or Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising courses. The journalism program equips the students with the knowledge in on-line journalism, broadcasting, print media, and photo-journalism. On the other hand, the public relations program prepares the learners for careers in community affairs practice, corporate relations management, public affairs, customer service, marketing, and advertising.

The university also provides a two-year programme that starts from level 300 with the aim of affording the alumni of the institute with diploma certificate that in turn positions them to further their studies in Communication Studies.

Post-Graduate Courses Available for Online Registration GIJ

The masters’ programmes available for Online Registration GIJ include Development Communication, Public Relations, Journalism, and Media Management. These are aimed at producing highly efficient and effective postgraduate experts who will add technological innovations and more quality to the ever-changing industry trends. The programme will also help in the expansion of democratic governance frontiers and stimulate investment while developing highly skilled self-driven professionals who will make the various layers of national development more efficient.

  • Master of Arts in Journalism - The 12-month Master of Arts programme is available for online GIJ student registration on the University’s website. The focus is to prepare experts from different backgrounds to go for and make use of journalism models and concepts within the extended social science traditions of communication and media. Due to the increasing incorporation of technological tools, the Institute recognizes that journalism practice and teaching assumes complex dimension.
  • Master of Arts Degree in Development Communication - The reason for the introduction of this area of specialization in communication was catalyzed by the desire to bridge a professional and intellectual gap identified in the national and educational development. As a result, rapid developments in communications infrastructure and technology have led to plans among the development agencies and information use to boost improvements in leadership and access to more secured livelihood opportunities.
  • Master of Arts in Media Management - This is a virgin area of study ready to be explored since this important training resource is not available at the local level. It provides higher skills and knowledge to the professionals who manage the media and prepares the future generation of communication and media practitioners. This programme is also a crucial tool to expert growth of the media industry and its sustainability.
  • Master of Arts Degree in Public Relations - The aim of this programme is to bring out the expert effort that can make use of their public relations strategies in their organizations. The adoption of organizational behavior, advertising, integrated communications, and crisis management are vital to successful public relations department. This Public Relations Masters programme offered through GIJ online registration takes one year to complete and is a good way to fill an intellectual gap.

Ghana Institute of Journalism has the vision to be the best option for communications training in Africa, producing world-class experts, and maintaining high academic standards for societal transformation. Students who complete GIJ registration 2018 get a chance to enjoy and benefit from the University’s core values that include connecting theory and practice, teamwork, commitment to excellence, accountability with integrity, and excellent learning environment. These will go a long way to ensure that the graduates at whatever the level fits well into the work environment and become responsible and reliable men and women in the society.

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