Stanbic Bank Ghana internet banking FAQ

Stanbic Bank Ghana internet banking FAQ

The banking industry in Ghana has expanded exponentially over the past ten years especially in service delivery. Top of the industry is Stanbic internet banking which gives other banks a run for their money since its an easy and convenient way of banking. Since its inception, the bank has pursued all avenues to earn a good reputation to its clients in the banking industry.

Stanbic internet banking: The only guide you'll ever need
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The bank has already received multiple awards from the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre. Stanbic Bank was awarded for the best financial institution, top performing business, and the best bank in Ghana. It started its operation in 2009 and has managed to be part of the league of tier banks.

The bank takes pride in offering its clients internet banking at the time when technology is a buzz. With Stanbic internet banking Ghana, one can do so much from the comfort of their office or house as long they have access to the internet. The bank offers its customers with the following services:

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  • Downloading and viewing statements
  • You can track credits and expenses to your account
  • You can access your account any time of the year.
  • Set up future dated payments
  • Provides bank transfer to other Stanbic Bank branches and another bank in Ghana
  • Transfer funds between your Ghanaian cedi and other currencies such as ZAR, EUR, GBP, and USD.
  • It is the most secure platform to change your mobile phone number and pin, set up a beneficiary that you get through an SMS.
  • Create multiplex payment beneficiaries
  • Give your preferred username on the application form.
  • Offer customer service request that is not limited to debit card limit changes, open call deposit accounts, open fixed deposit accounts, set up standing orders, order checkbooks.

In 2007, they came up with the best method in which they could reach to its entire clientele base. Stanbic Bank opened 23 branches across Ghana with two main units the Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB), and Personal and Business Banking (PBB). The objective of PBB unit is takes care of the financial and transactional services needs of businesses, small and medium scale enterprises, and individuals. It also offers retail services. Their wide array of services and products are designed to suit the needs of their clients.

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Their functions are categorized into the following:

  • The wealth unit creates the pillar of PBB. It has a private banking unit that serves individuals with much wealth. It offers services to professionals and corporate leaders.
  • The units cares for the needs of individual customers through the branch network and other service channels whilst providing quality products and financial services.
  • The PBB serves medium and small enterprises , commercial entities and provides state of the art financial solution that will aid start ups in growing their businesses.

The CIB unit also has its function that mostly includes the corporate clients. Its capabilities stretch across a broad range of services and banking innovations such as brokerage services, assets management, investment banking, custodial services, treasury and foreign exchange services, trade financing, project financing, and loan structuring for corporate institutions. Thanks to Stanbic Bank internet banking Ghana, all these processes have been made possible.

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Stanbic online account opening

Online banking is a platform that is user-friendly and allows you to transact and access your account when you are online. It provides a convenient and comfortable procedure to carry out transactions easy. The best part is, it’s easy to use, fast, and secure. It has a wide range of services that include:

  • Account services such as switch mailing address, account modification, renew fixed deposit, stop check, bank certified check, overdraft limit change, product request services, and mobile top-up. Download Stanbic internet banking app to enjoy these services.
  • Payment transfers include recurring payments options, future dated payment options, own funds transfer, multiple payments, transfer and payments to Stanbic accounts or any bank in Ghana.
  • Statement generation that involves a 360-degree view of all accounts, or any bank in Ghana

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Signing up for online account opening involves an online self registration with the following processes. To register:

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  • Visit their online banking website
  • Click on the register for online banking link on the sign-in screen.
  • To register online, you need your account number on the expected space and click on continue.
  • Follow all the provided instructions promptly to have a successful registration on internet banking.
  • Upon completion of registration you will receive a one time login password (OTP) through a message. Login with the provided password and username.

If you want to do a paper registration, visit your branch and complete an E-banking application form. The tellers or personnel at the customer service will guide you through the process and ptovide you with an OTP to your mobile phone. You will then login and use the name written on the application form.

In 2017, the bank was named as the leading private bank in Ghana during the 2017 Global Private Banking Awards Ceremony held in London. Stanbic Bank was recognized for its capabilities and value proposition in giving its clients services that are beyond comparison.

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Stanbic internet banking Ghana operates in all platforms including the fixed deposit account, where money is put for a certain period of time. The interest rates for this specific account is higher than a normal savings account. It is perfect if you want to save for future events like a wedding or an adventure. It offers clients with the following services:

  • If you require your investment early, you will pay a penalty
  • You cannot withdraw funds from your fixed deposit during the term of your payment.
  • You can have more than one fixed deposit if you want to save for different goals.
  • There is a variety of investment options between three to 24 months.
  • No fee is charged on this account
Stanbic internet banking: The only guide you'll ever need

Banking is essential in today’s world since money goes through many channels. The best way to safeguard your transactions is by using Stanbic Bank internet banking, for an unforgettable experience.


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