Ankara designs for skirt and blouse in 2020 (photos)

Ankara designs for skirt and blouse in 2020 (photos)

Ankara designs for skirt and blouse has effortlessly proven to be an all-rounded style that can be pulled to any occasion by literally anyone. The print was earlier believed to be feminine until a few fashion designers, the likes of Soares Anthony proved everyone wrong. Men too can look good in Ankara. Unlike other prints, Ankara does not limit anyone because of their body size. A slender person looks equally gorgeous wearing the same print as a thick person. It also happens to be the easiest print to accessorize. The print has also opened doors for a variety of designs, which leaves us with only one task, coming up with unique designs. This article has highlighted a few simple to sophisticated Ankara designs for skirt and blouse that will leave you confidently stunning.

Ankara design for skirt and blouse

Choice of Ankara print fabric

Before thinking of what design to settle for, it is prudent that you go for a long-lasting fabric. No one would like to spend so much cash on something that will not serve them long enough. Choosing the right fabric is key to looking good. African wax fabrics have a longer life and so far are considered the best. When selecting the color, ensure that you go for a color that matches your skin tone. Brighter colored prints like orange and brighter shades of yellow would look good on darker skins while solid colored prints like green, purple and blue would look good with lighter skinned people. After purchasing the fabric, it’s time to choose what design to go for.

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Tips for choosing a design

skirt and blouse combinations

You have acquired your preferred Ankara fabric and not sure what design to go for. Here are a few factors to consider before going to your tailor. One, what occasions do you intend to wear your outfit too. In as much as Ankara print is diverse, the occasion determines the design to which your outfit will be worn. An outfit meant for a girls’ day out cannot be worn to the office. Another factor is how the outfit will be accessorized. Simple Ankara outfits are easy to accessorize. You should also consider how easy the outfit will blend with other pieces of clothes. Your Ankara skirt shout match a variety of blouses and tops, not necessarily the ones you made it for.

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For decades Nigerian designs have dominated the design market and have received positive impact from people. Their designs have been effortlessly embraced. They are even being pulled for wedding gowns. Isn’t it amazing that African culture still lives in us despite the great influence that western culture casts over most African states. Here are a few trendy Nigerian blouse styles that you should try.

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The peplum design

Nigerian blouse styles

This is the most common design that is being pulled for blouses in Nigeria. The design can be pulled in a couple of ways, among them, the long-sleeve-fitting peplum blouse. The blouse looks more stylish and classy when lace fabric is used for the arms. Peplum is a very diverse style which can be worn with a pair of jeans to pull the casual look or a fitting pencil skirt and a blazer to pull the official look.

The off shoulder design

skirt and blouse combination

This is one trendy and classy design that has had its share in the fashion industry since 2017. The style is effortlessly elegant, and people cannot get enough of it. This style is worn to all causal events. It has never disappointed.A fitting off-shoulder blouse can be paired with a simple pencil skirt to bring out that classy look. It also works magic when worn with a fitting mermaid skirt and tucked in. This look can be worn to church or a girls’ day out. To conceal a little skin, the blouse can be accessorized with a more detailed neck-piece or a head wrap to add a little hue to the look.

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The simple high low top

Attending a wedding and you want to break the norm of wearing dresses, this is the perfect look to pull. It is simple and can be worn by any body size and still look gorgeous. This top can be paired with a plain pencil skirt, preferably a solid colored one and a very nice pair of heels. A head wrap too can be worn to add a little flavor to the look. The top can also be paired with a pair of jeans and still bring that sassy look.

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When sewing your outfit, it is vital that you ensure the pattern of prints on your fabric is maintained on the outfit. This makes your outfit look prettier. Ankara printed blouses can be paired with other outfits, not necessarily the matching skirt, and still look good. One popular look that everyone should try is the Ankara blouses on jeans. This look has no age limit, and your grandmother would look lovely if she tried it out. It is one look that can blend with literally any color of jeans. However, it is advisable that you consider the color of your print before settling for a pair of jeans. For instance, darker prints would rhyme best with lighter colored jeans and vice versa. This look can be pulled with any shoe and still look awesome.

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Skirt and blouse combinations

Skirt and blouse combination

Skirts for ages have brought out the feminine version of any lady. A well-matched skirt will bring out an exemplary look and add a little mark to your personality. Finding the right blouse to accompany your skirt is one task that troubles most ladies, especially the career kind of women. You might be the busy type that barely has time to decide what type of blouse to pair with that Ankara skirt, worry not. Here are a few skirt and blouse combinations tips that will save you a great deal.

Multicolored Ankara skirt with a uni-colored blouse

Ankara styles

That multicolored Ankara skirt can be paired with a variety of blouses, depending on the color of prints on your skirt. The most dominant color of print in most cases determines the color of the blouse be paired with the skirt.

Solid color skirt with a printed blouse

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For a printed Ankara blouse, a solid colored skirt will never go wrong, depending on the color of the print. A darker shade of print, for instance, dark brown, would look good when blended with a white skirt. For a lighter shade of print, say yellow, a black skirt would blend in so well.

Combination of two different prints

skirt and blouse patterns images

Who said you cannot put on two different prints and still look good? Well, this is one look that most ladies are afraid of because of the fear of not being able to correctly match the prints. Here is the secret behind it all; you can match two different prints by first deciding which one of the two is going to be the dominant one. The latter print should be less detailed. To separate the two prints, you can put on a belt to accessorize the combination. For this case, a solid colored belt, preferably a black one, would perfectly spice up the look.

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Wedding combinations

Ankara design for skirt and blouse

With more trends being brought to the fashion industry, the belief that people should always wear dresses to weddings is slowly fading away, and people are becoming more creative and trying other looks.

Wearing a skirt and blouse to a wedding is a new look that a few people have tried to pull and looked so stunning. The trick behind this is finding the right outfit that fits your body type as well as accessorizing it well. A fitting pencil skirt matched with a fitting blouse; accessorized with a belt and a very nice pair of shoes would look so good for a wedding. The fabric for this combo should also be taken into consideration. A printed, sleeveless, chiffon blouse, tucked in, would pull this look best. A fitting long-sleeved cotton blouse, when tucked in, would also look good. Wearing a necklace would add a little humor to this look.

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How about wearing a plain and fitting long-sleeved blouse tucked in that knee-length printed skater skirt? This combo is perfect for weddings too when worn with the right kind of shoes. Or wearing a fitting, plain skirt, matched with a simple Ankara printed blouse, with little zip detail and a pair of flat shoes? This is also a perfect combination of skirt and blouse for wedding. Wearing a maxi skirt with Ankara print, paired with a fitting, long sleeved blouse with a very nice pair of sandals would look exemplarily awesome.

skirt and blouse for wedding

Some of the modern Ankara styles that rocked in 2017 and are still being pulled in 2020 and have proved to be a must have included; the Ankara skater maxi skirt, which does not seem to be leaving the fashion industry any time soon. Another one is the knee length Ankara skater skirt. Adding a little detail to your Ankara outfit makes it more beautiful. The pencil skirt with a front zip detail has proved this and is stylishly being worn for a couple of occasions. This skirt can amazingly be worn to work. Off shoulder, Ankara outfits are everybody’s dream. Not only are they awesomely versatile but also elegant. Long Ankara skirts are ideal for church and traditional ceremonies, whereas short skirt and blouse can bring out that official look to work.

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As mentioned earlier; it is wise to ensure that the print on the skirt matches those on the blouse. This brings out the beauty of art. Here are a few skirt and blouse patterns images that have been correctly matched to perfection.


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