60+ latest African dresses for ladies: trendy designs for 2024

60+ latest African dresses for ladies: trendy designs for 2024

Africa is renowned for its diverse culture, beautiful lands, fascinating traditions, and much more. One aspect that defines the continent is the vibrant fashion industry that has evolved over the years. African fabrics and apparel designs vary from one country to another and from community to community. Today's African dresses for ladies are a testament to the continent's rich heritage and integration with other parts of the world.

african funeral dresses for ladies
Some nice-looking African dresses. Photo: @ankaralooks, @mytribeng, @ankaraempire501 (modified by author)
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African dresses come in numerous forms and designs. They vary in length, materials, colours, patterns, and accessories. Ankara is, without a doubt, the most popular African gown material in numerous African countries.

The trendiest African dresses for ladies

Here is a look at the trendiest African gown designs one can try out today.

Mermaid dresses

African dresses for pregnant ladies
Mermaid dresses. Photo: @donns_palette, @mickyglam, @vd_collections254, @africanfabricanddesignske, @ankaralooks, @stitchworthfabricsanddesigns (modified by author)
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Mermaid gowns are widely considered some of the best when it comes to highlighting the feminine figure. These gowns are designed with a tight-fitting midsection and a flared bottom section—the design results in a figure-8 look adored by many women.

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To make the design look even better, have your designer use less material on the front to achieve a hybrid high-low mermaid look.

Bodycon dresses

long african dresses for ladies
African bodycon dresses. Photo: @jervclothings, @afrikayla, @alexairoclothing, @ohemaa_in_prints, @the.malissaonojo, @stylaa.app, @_uwaila (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Bodycon dresses are designed to be figure-hugging. They can be made in varying lengths, from extremely short to extremely long, and everything in between. Depending on the dress length, colours, and patterns, bodycon gowns can be worn on both formal and casual occasions.

Tent dresses

beautiful African dresses styles 2022 for ladies
Trendy tent dress designs. Photo: @sitiricouture, @njerimmwangi, @thengunichild (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

The tent design has become versatile, an attribute that explains its widespread popularity in the modern day. This design hangs loosely from the shoulder to below the hips and can be short, midi, or maxi. The distinguishing feature of this style is its lack of a waistline.

Maternity dresses

African dresses for pregnant ladies
Dresses for expectant women. Photo: @dewsfab_collections, @silasnevg, @t_fola, @janenkinspires, @nonidesigns_ke, @stluciasfinest, @maternityshopgh, @sweetsophyy (modified by author)
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Years ago, the term maternity gowns typically meant a dull, ill-fitting outfit worn by an expectant woman. However, things have changed quite a lot since then. Today, these gowns are as trendy as anything else in the market. They can be designed in varying lengths and can even come with incisions for that extra flare.

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Short designs

African funeral dresses for ladies
Short African dresses. Photo: @teyceecouture, @eyramwax_shop, @janat.fashion, @emeraldseams, @fashion_by_nikky_, @naija_fashiondesigners, @ankarafashiongallery (modified by author)
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Short gowns are undoubtedly some of the best-looking pieces of African apparel out there. This is perhaps attributable to the short clothes that girls from the continent used to wear traditionally. These short designs can be made in a wide range of shapes, including skaters and bodycon.

Dresses with incisions

African dresses for pregnant ladies
Trendy dresses with incisions. Photo: @africanfabricanddesignske, @naija_fashiondesigners, @aso_party, @royal_roxe, @ankara_legendary, @ankara_delux (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

If you love showing some skin but are not comfortable with exposing the upper half of your body, including your shoulders, you can try the gowns with incisions. The incision typically runs from the bottom of the gown to anywhere between the knee and the thigh. You can have the incision as long or as short as you would prefer.

Skater designs

long African dresses for ladies
Lovely skater dresses. Photo: @bliss_the_designer, @naliakadesigner, @africanfabricanddesignske (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Skater gowns have become the hallmark of numerous short to medium-height women. These outfits typically have a tight waistline followed by a flared lower section. This style has a classic 50's style silhouette and is extremely flattering on numerous body types.

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Off-shoulder and strapless designs

beautiful african dresses styles in 2022 for ladies
Off-shoulder and strapless designs. Photo: @nanciemumbo, @stitchesbyuz, @mkayfashionhouse, @dgvstyles, @jervclothings, @dalma_designs, @helenascouture, @cottoncountry_ (modified by author)
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Strapless and off-shoulder gown designs are perfect for women and girls looking to show a bit of skin. If you feel bold enough for this move, these outfits are among the most fashionable. The amount of skin you show largely depends on your preference.

Long dresses

African funeral dresses for ladies
Long African gowns. Photo: @kifaharikouturekenya, @stylaa.app, @june14couture, @aso_party, @africanfabricanddesignske, @africafashions_ (modified by author)
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Long gowns are arguably the simplest way to try out various African fabrics. The likes of Ankara from West Africa and Kitenge from East Africa all took off on the popularity gained from long gowns. These can come in numerous designs, including bodycon, mermaid, straight, pencil, and off-shoulder.

You can choose to combine African fabric and lace for an even trendier look.

What did people wear in Africa in the past?

The first forms of clothing in the continent were predominantly made of fur, bark cloth, skins, and hides. The African people also wore wide-ranging accessories made from beads, cowries shells, animal parts, and wood.

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What is an Ankara outfit?

An Ankara outfit is made from printed cotton fabric and is largely comprised of cotton. The material is usually quite colourful and with vibrant patterns. It is associated with Africa because of its tribal-like patterns and motifs.

Can African dresses be worn to a wedding?

Yes, you can wear Ankara and other African fabrics to a wedding. Feel free to choose a colour, pattern, and design that suits you.

There are numerous African dresses for ladies in today's fashion world. One can choose from short, long, mermaid, bodycon, flared, and numerous other designs.

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